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Thread: Failed Ramp Descent

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    Failed Ramp Descent

    Since my wife and youngest daughter headed out early this morning to go girl shopping, I decided to do a little man shopping. So I got my wallet, keys, cell phone and bottle of ramp is no where near 'ADA Compliant' and is a bit steep.....(long story). So I'm heading down the ramp and I drop the water bottle that I was holding in my mouth and went to reach for it, missed it and came off the bottom of the ramp so fast I lost control and just clipped the bumper of my truck and OUT I WENT and my wheelchair continued to roll down our driveway and into the ditch. So I am like this is gonna be interesting. Fortunately I keep my keys on my D-Lock handle and my cell phone in my lap between my legs. The fall knocked them both off within an easy scoot across my driveway. So at first, I'm like this is gonna be a piece of cake........I would simply put my Glide N Go seat down lay on it, raise it up and work my way into my truck. After several attempts the fatigue is setting in, I'm getting cold and running out of strength and ideas because the Glide N Go seat is simply too high from the ground. At the point I was about to give up and scoot myself back up my driveway, up the ramp and then back into my truck my cell rings. It's my oldest daughter calling to ask me a question about pasta salad. She said, 'what's up' and I said I'm trying to figure out a way to get up off the driveway. Within 10 minutes she was here and with that little extra help, I was up onto the GNG and back in my chair.

    I am spent, cold, embarrassed, pissed off and hurting...........I am so so so glad none of my neighbors saw or at least asked if I wanted help. What a PHUCKED up day and I never got to the store.
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    Check your body for scrapes and bruises WolfeMan. Make sure you didn't break anything, too. Glad it worked out for you. I've been there.
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    Wow, so glad that your daughter called when she did! Hope you are OK and that the aches and pains don't settle in too badly.

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    Isn't it strange how embarrassment hurts more than bruises?

    Ah well tomorrow's another day.

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    Thats rough. I had several times like that but after awhile you get use to it. Now when I epically fail I think nothing of it and continue on my day. Its just part of life to drag your lifeless corpse around if need be

    One of my most recent fails was after throwing my wheelchair in the back of my car (I have a hatch back) I dropped my keys so I leaned over to pick up the keys off the ground while trying to use 1 crutch to keep myself from falling off the bumper...well needless to say I got the keys after I hit the ground then dragged myself to the car door. It was right before work and I didn't even have my cup of coffee yet. merrrr.

    Moral of the story, don't let shitty events like that keep you from going on about your day unless you do get seriously hurt.
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    Hope that only your pride was hurt. I lost count of these kinds of events. I hope somebody comes up with an airbag vest we can wear before one of us does get seriously hurt. lol
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    don't let it bother you too bad, these things happen now and again. I hope you are ok. really check for injury with a mirror.

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    That's a sick feeling, watching your chair roll away, isn't it? It's happened to me. Also Bente and I lost her chair in a giant parking lot. It just moseyed off LOL.

    Just glad you're ok. Yay for nice daughters!

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    hate it when this stuff happens. glad to hear you got the help and do like jody said, check yourself
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    First of all, hope you are not seriously hurt. It sounds like you aren't so thankful for that!

    Secondly, YAY for daughters calling at the right moment

    I know from my experience. My ramp isn't ADA reg either, yep long story . Anyway, there is a lip at the end of it and I was going pretty fast with the ice from the winter that never leaves for about five months. I hit that lovely lip and launched out of the chair all the way across the patio (about four feet) into a waiting bush. My chair didn't roll from me, I flew from my chair . Hope you stop hurting from this soon!!

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