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Thread: The Campaign for Disability Employment "I Can ..."

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    The Campaign for Disability Employment "I Can ..."

    What can you do?

    The Campaign for Disability Employment from the Office of Disability Employment Policy under the U.S. Department of Labor has produced a public service announcement, PSA, titled, "I can .." This PSA has a professional edge to it and respects people with disabilities in the work place.

    The web site is at:

    They state, " At work, it's what people can do that matters.
    The Campaign for Disability Employment is a collaborative effort to promote positive employment outcomes for people with disabilities by encouraging employers and others to recognize the value and talent they bring to the workplace.

    The PSA can be seen at web site at:

    The first part of the PSA is for the hearing impaired. At 2:00 starts the video.

    So, what can you do?


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    I found a few good videos, one is called "10 Myths" 659862& 2001&&&rtsp://

    I thought it was very informational but a bit blury on my software.

    The others are at

    They are: "Ten Employment Myths"
    Many employers misunderstand the Americans with Disabilities Act and are reluctant to hire people with disabilities because of unfounded myths. This seventeen-minute video responds to concerns expressed by employers, explaining the ADA in common sense terms and dispelling myths about this often overlooked pool of well-qualified employees.

    "My Country"
    In this one-hour documentary, symphony conductor James DePreist, who contracted polio as a young man, profiles three people with disabilities whose lives have been shaped by the struggle for equal rights. Mr. DePreist is the nephew of African American contralto Marian Anderson, who in 1939 was prevented from singing at Constitution Hall. He draws parallels between racial barriers and the barriers faced by people with disabilities.

    "Ten Small Business Mistakes"
    This thirteen-minute video identifies common mistakes that small businesses make when trying to comply with the ADA and addresses the importance and value of doing business with 50 million people with disabilities. The video features statements by store owners expressing their doubts or misunderstandings about the ADA followed by responses from the Assistant Attorney for Civil Rights and other Department of Justice employees explaining the law in common sense terms.

    "Police Response to People with Disabilities", Eight-Part Series
    Designed for use in roll-call training, this videotape addresses law enforcement situations involving people who have mobility disabilities, mental illnesses, mental retardation, epilepsy or seizure disorders, speech disabilities, deafness or hard of hearing , and blindness or low vision. The eight segments range from 5 ½ to 10 ½ minutes in length.

    "ADA Signing Ceremony"
    This video documents the speech given by President George H. W. Bush when he signed the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) into law on July 26, 1990. In the video, President Bush speaks to a huge audience of activists, Congressional supporters, people with disabilities, and their families and friends gathered on the south lawn of the White House.

    The 22-minute film, provided to the Department by the George Bush Presidential Library, is being re-released on the Internet to increase awareness of the ADA.

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