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Thread: How do I carry a handgun concealed in my chair?

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    Good article! Thanks for posting it.

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    From the article:
    People with disabilities represent approximately 20 percent of the population of our country, but are victims at a much higher rate than the general public. Research shows these numbers to be four to five times higher, and that is on the conservative end.
    It's more like 1 1/2 times higher.

    Quote Originally Posted by sjean423 View Post
    I saw an article online about using a gun from a chair last week.

    (I have no idea how accurate it is .... I am not a gun user, but thought it was worth posting at least.)
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    Quote Originally Posted by funklab View Post
    do you carry in one of those T8?

    I don't think it would work particularly well for me, because i have a little flap/pocket thingy that hangs down in the front of my chair. Seems like I would have to lean forward to get under there, and it would probably take far too long.
    I am not Wyatt Earp so speed of retrieval is not a factor for me, live on a farm and occasionally go outside and shoot at targets. I am not a huge fan of revolvers, and after my injury I find my favorite gun is a HK USP, it has a nice spring setup and for a 9mm has a light recoil.

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    I saw that article too and thought the idea of carrying a small pistol in a fanny pack was an execellent idea.

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    You can try a Funny pack (camelback and maxpedition have
    nice models),crossdraw holster (for 2'' and 3'' barrel works well)
    and in the woods (hunting/fishing/camping) a pilot holster. (pacific pilot holster)

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    Thanks for all the suggestions everybody. Keep them coming.

    Since I would rather have something that is on me instead of on my chair (for a variety of reasons) I was thinking of something like this.

    I was thinking of wearing it lower than in the picture, just above my waistline, so that when I sat in the chair, the barrel is just above the seat.

    Any opinions on this type of a holster

    Anyone ever used one?

    Still looking for some wisdom on blued vs stainless as well.

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    I tried a variety of options including like that and they were a pain. To difficult to push the wheels. Give it a try though you may like it better.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SoulScream View Post
    I tried a variety of options including like that and they were a pain. To difficult to push the wheels. Give it a try though you may like it better.

    I am just pushing myself around the room here, trying to see where it would contact my arm, and I seem to always have at least 3-4" of clearance between my arm and my side.

    Although now that I think about it, I have lost a lot of weight and my chair is much wider than it needs to be.

    Also, several people mentioned 9mm or .38s or some other caliber of gun. I think I am pretty much sold on a .357, because I plan on doing some traveling and camping in the Rockies. I can remember the last time I was there, in a campground all by myself with "watch out for bears" signs posted all over. I would feel much better there with a hot loaded .357 than a 9mm (especially since I can't run away any more).

    I'd actually rather have a .44 mag, but that is incredibly unreasonable for CCW.

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    I had a fannypack made at an Army Surplus store out of heavy duty canvas. I just took everything I wanted to carry in the bag, pistol, checkbook, catheters, kitchen sink, whatever, and they custom made the bag. I think it was around $20, but that was about 20 years ago. I still use the bag and it's in great shape. BTW, when I carry, I carry a Bersa 380. Light enough to carry, heavy enough to do the job.
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    Will this concealed weapon have a safety on it for your own protection? I'd hate for you to bend over the wrong way and shoot yourself.

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