I am going to be getting my concealed carry permit soon, and I want to get other chair users opinions and examples of how they carry. I am some where around T9-10 with a manual chair. Most likely, I will be carrying a small .357 revolver with a 3" barrel.


How do you guys/gals carry?

Shoulder holsters? Belt holsters? Bags/purses/fanny bags? Concealed on the chair?

Also, I have yet to take the concealed carry course, anything you all can think of that I might need to keep in mind (wheelchair specific)?

Is it a horrible mistake for me to buy a revolver to carry?

I have shot all types of guns since I was young. I have shot from my wheelchair post injury, but not much.

If you don't think that people should have guns, that is nice. Please tell us all something about it, but not in this thread. If you want to argue 2nd Amendment issues, please do so in the Politics forum.

Thanks in advance!