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Thread: Lost my poetry files .. :(

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    Lost my poetry files .. :(

    Was getting some of my txt files organized in a folder and accidently clicked on the wrong file to delete. Now I can't find all of my files where I had been writing my poetry for the last five years. I feel so bad about this happening to me, I could just cry forever. All my work is gone. Nick tried to get them back but we can't find it at all.

    He has gone and looked for the file name where I had them all and it just seems to have disappeared into thin air. He got me a program to restore all deleted files and it won't show anything of that file. It did restore the other stuff I had but not those. I cancelled the deletion when I realized my error and then went to check on the recycle thing but none of them were there.

    Has anyone any idea how I could get them back again. They are so important to me. Five years work... sheesh.

    Please someone give us some ideas, we would really appreciate it all.


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    even when you delete a file it is stil on your hard drive. Go to your "recycle bin" on the desktop. They are all located there.

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    Originally posted by chasb:

    even when you delete a file it is stil on your hard drive. Go to your "recycle bin" on the desktop. They are all located there.
    That's the thing. I checked on the recycle bin right away but found nothing there. I'm sure there there somewhere but where, I don't know. Nick looked for them too to make sure and nada.


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    You might find them(or some of them) in a Windows tempdir somewhere if you had viewed/editted them recently. Have you tried the Search function looking for partial filenames and/or a particular phrase that may be in them?

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    Go to and see if the free downloadable version of OnTrack Easy Data Recovery will say whether the data is recoverable.


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    Do a 'search" on one of the file names. You may have moved them somewhere rather than deleting them.

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    Thank you for you replies. After she 'deleted' the files, i did a search for the files she sais were deleted. I used wild card characters and had it search through Local Hard Drives, though there is really only one physical drive.
    Nothing turned up at all. The temp file was a great idea and I thought it would possibly be in a Temp folder, as she works on them alot. Nothing either.
    I used a program called Restorer 2000 Pro that i purchased a year ago. It was able to see the directory and files that were previously there, however those particular files that she is speaking of aren't there. This is what I dont understand. It was able to find files that were deleted sine 1999 yet, those files weren't there. The only thing that i could think of is if the files were renamed, and not deleted.
    I did a search for files containing certain text through the Local Drives and still came up with nothing.
    if anyone has any idea or suggestions it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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    Have you tried searching for files modified within a date range. Search all directories and include sub-folder and hidden files.

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    It's a little too late, but you can always undo your last command by clicking edit/undo.

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    Take your computer's hard drive to a computer store that does repairs. They may be able to restore the files. In the future, back up your work to a CD or an external drive.

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