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Thread: Death of a legend

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    Death of a legend

    Rock photographer Jim Marshall died today, luckily a cousin called to inform us before I heard it on NPR shortly thereafter. It's actually amazing he made it to 74, dying in his sleep instead of following in joplin or Hendrix's footseps. He was doing what he loved talking about his work promoting a new book in New York. But he was going to have a big 75th b day bash that I was looking forward to and I will miss his crazy antics. My family keeps shrinking. Anyway some good articles here with some pics.
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    Sorry for your loss. Your cousin truly was a legend. I remember you made mention of him ( Jim Marshall) In a post way back when... several months ago I read Annie Leibovitz's book, "Annie Leibovitz At Work", and recognized the connection to your post.

    She mentions him & his influence on her work several times I seem to recall.


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    Sorry for your loss, Nicole, I'd no idea you were kin to a celebrity.

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    Nicole - I still have his site bookmarked from the first time you posted it. His photography was amazing, I would have loved to have met him and heard tales.

    Sorry to hear.
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    Gone too soon, but he will live through his work and in the hearts of those who love him.

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    my condoleces for your loss.

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    A pity he didn't get to see 75 Les but plenty of miles on his clock, talk about a life lived to the full!

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    I am glad you did not have to hear it on NPR either. A had seen the article on the Rolling Stone site. Sorry for your loss.

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    Sorry, les, alas, the world is getting smaller, fewer and fewer of the good ol' folks.

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    Thanks guys. Todd I posted a couple threads including pics from his 70th party, Jimmy knew how to celebrate right.

    Ches I remember reading in vanity fair Annie's remarks about him I believe it was an excerpt from her book.

    Today All Things Considered had a lovely appreciation piece on Jimmy it's just sad he didn't get to hear it. The weirdest thing I read today was a tweet of Jessica freakin' Simpson's saying she fell to her knees when she heard of his death. The woman was a collector but you can bet she would never have been a subject of his as she'd never agree to his terms of all access, no studio lighting and no pr reps!
    Embrace uncertainty. Hard problems rarely have easy solutions. Jonah Lehrer

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