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Thread: Kathleen lost her fight today...

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    Kathleen lost her fight today...

    Today my wonderfully beautiful big sis lost her battle with breast cancer. She was diagnosed five years ago with stage 3b inflammatory breast cancer. She surprised her doctors at how long she fought but not her family. We knew she was a fighter.

    There will be two services, one in Fla where she lived and one in Jersey. I won't have to get on a plane right away which is good because I'm still fighting (that which Joe can't call C Diff until a doctor deems it so lol) this "thing" but submitted a sample so that the doctors might get me started on Vanco. The Flagyl didn't cut it.

    Anywho, I want to thank everyone who had given prayers and thoughts before and ask for a few more for my family. My Dad's heart, back, knee etc aren't the greatest and my sis and niece are absolutely distraught. I'm trying to keep perspective because one of my good friend's mom died of a heart attack 5 years ago and they never had a chance to say goodbye, at least I did.

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    Sending more prayers than you can imagine.

    {{{Joe and family}}}

    take care friend...and God bless.


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    Sorry, Joe.

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    My very deepest sympathies for your loss. I will be keeping you and your family in my thoughts.....

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    Sad for you Joe. Hope you're feeling better soon. I wish you and your family peace.

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    My sympathies for your lost, and special prayers to your family that they find strength and peace to get through this sad time.

    Stay safe my son. See you around thanksgiving!

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    My deepest sympathies on your loss. Praying for comfort for you and your family at this time!

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    Very sorry for your loss!
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    I'm sorry Joe, that's rough. I'm glad you were able to say goodbye. Try to keep your strength up in the days ahead. Your sister is at peace now.
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    So sorry, Joe. Keeping you and your family in thoughts and prayers.

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