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Thread: Truth

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    I always found something a bit strange about "Markpals", so I never really engaged him, but with the additional family members, unlikely coincidences, and the increasing dramatics, not to mention the similar writing styles and posting patterns, I alerted Steven about my concerns that something was "off" about "Mark and his associates".

    I generally ignored "Andes", even tho I found her a bit odd and suspicious as well, but when "Brian Brat" appeared, that was too much and I wanted to see what Steven's thoughts were.

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    Thanks to all who have done detective work. I guess the concern is that we might get sucked in by someone who is intending to do real mischief. I know I have been increasingly hesitant to respond to those who do not fill out a profile. My only regret is that I have possibly wasted time that I could have been spent dealing with people who have real needs.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TAM63 View Post
    I mean to express admiration for the good qualities of those who cared for "Mark" - even if they were fooled.
    I understood what you meant. I posted that as a joke, given the current situation.'s worse than we thought. it turns out the people at the white house are not secret muslims, they're nerds.

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    Oh right, thank you. Apparently my joke detector is too tired tonight as well

    Perhaps a glass of wine and bed now... before I get my foot stuck really firmly in my mouth or something lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by SCIfor55yrs. View Post
    My only regret is that I have possibly wasted time that I could have been spent dealing with people who have real needs.
    That's another big problem with scams like this, taking compassionate energy away from where it should be directed.

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    This is incredibly bizarre. I think of sci as the club no one wants to join. Joke's on me.

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    This is the first group that I have actually enjoyed "talking" with since David got MS. I lurked around for the longest time thinking I didn't belong since David has MS not sci. I have learned alot from alot of people on here but still yet don't feel comfortable enough to provide too much personal information. This only strenghtens my fear of not wanting to get to involved.

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    Quote Originally Posted by UniqueRU View Post
    Me too, me too... I feel dirty and used.
    yep, we have been praying for mark everyday at noon. my heart feels deflated.

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    Ok, I need some real help here. I have just read this entire thread, and I am feeling pretty sick and confused. It was me who talked about being in tears when I thought Mark might die, and for several months now have been sending him a postcard/card on the average of once a week. I got a thank you by email from Andes for sending her brother cards, which, btw, were sent to Butte. I know they got the cards because there was a specific mention of the picture on one of the cards that they could not have known unless it had been received. I am also gotten thank you's from Mark himself, by email. Are you telling me that none of this is real? That I have been totally duped? That I layed awake one night wondering if Mark was going to die, and it was all a lie? Please help me here. I think that is what is being said, but my brain can't or dosen't want to believe it......

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    If someone could respond quickly it would be good, especially Steven, as I am feeling new tears and for an entirely different reason if this is all a hoax......

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