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Thread: Pain Med recommendations - long post

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    Pain Med recommendations - long post

    I don't hang out here as much as I used to, but I now have a whole new problem and need some expert (and casual comments) advise.
    My husband had a Schwanuloma (I don't think I spelled that correctly) removed from the base of his spinal cord at the beginning of the Conus Equinus 3 weeks ago (how lucky can one family be?). The tumor was around the nerves and 2 had to be cut to remove all of the tumor - surgeon was uncertain if these nerves were functional. He has some strength loss (no sensory deprivation) in his right foot - difficulty standing on his toes, you can pull his foot down when he pulls it towards his head, it tires easily and his gait has changed some when he gets tired. There is also some associated nerve pain down his right leg into the foot.
    Last week he was given a round of Steroids and Lyrica. He's finished the Steroids. He quit the Lyrica after a very scarey Saturday night where he became very confused, dizzy, disorentied and sick after 2 beers. (50mg 3xday). But the nerve pain seems to be increasing, so apparently the Lyrica was helping with this... But the side affects are not tolerable (always sleepy, "stupid", trouble concentrating, drugged, in addition to the Saturday night episode).
    I'm looking for suggestions/recommendations for alternative pain management. It is too soon to know if this will be required long term. He says it's not intolerable, but very uncomfortable and disrupts sleep.

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    He should take an NSAID like Naproxen twice a day with food to cut down on the nerve irritation and inflammation and pain. You should not drink alcohol with Lyrica or any pain medication.
    Has he tried Gabapentin? Also Cymbalta can be helpful.

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    Neurontin/gabapentin is a similar drug to Lyrica. Some people have better luck/fewer side effects with one than the other. However, the same side effects might occur if he tried neurontin.

    Also some people use amitryptaline or nortryptaline or some of the other antidepressants for nerve pain as well.

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