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Thread: Sitting on cushion on planes

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    Sitting on cushion on planes

    Hi everyone,

    I thought I would share a story about an experience I had flying on the weekend. I arrived early and boarded the plane first. After wheeling me on using the aisle chair, I was about to put my cushion down on the seat and transfer onto it when the flight attendant said I was not allowed to sit on it as it was a safety hazard!

    Of course, I was stunned and momentary stupefied. I spent 6months stuck in bed last year with a pressure sore and wasnt about to risk another one from a 2.5 hour plane flight.

    He went on to explain it was against civial aviation law for anyone to sit on something as you can slide forward in an emergency. He said it is the same as a kid wanting to have a booster seat lol.I explained that i HAD to sit on the cushion or I would get a pressure sore and that I travel very regularly and ALWAYS sit on my cushion. The 'helpful' attendant went to to say that wasnt correct and that the other flight attendants hadnt been doing their job properly if they let me sit on a cushion.

    Fortunately I stood my ground and insisted I wasnt transfering out of the wheelchair into my seat unless I could sit on the cushion. Once there were people sitting either side of me theres no way I would have been able to get the cushion under me, especially as the attendent wasnt allowed to help with it. So I stayed parked in the aisle on the airport chair.

    This meant boarding of the flight was delayed. Eventually he decided to call his boss, who called senior management of the whole company. The end result of this saga was the flight was delayed, but management eventually gave me permission to sit on my cushion. Funny thing is, I flew home again 3 days later and no one even mentioned my cushion lol.

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    Good job "standing" firm Miss Sept.

    While in China last year, I had a flight from Hong Kong to Kunming and when checking baggage they said I also needed to check my chair so it could be loaded under plane. They wanted me to use a crappy airport chair for 2 hours. After speaking with a couple people, they understood and allowed me to keep my chair until boarding. Thank goodness I had someone traveling with me who spoke Chinese.

    People in general don't understand how our wheelchairs are en extension of us. Part of our disabled gig is educating people.

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    What a story. Congrats on your standing firm Miss.

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    Glad you stood your ground. Back in the 70sw, Delta required wheelchair users to sit on a blanket on the airplane seat so if we had an "accident" we would not ruin the airplane seat. lol
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    I have made around 15 flights since my accident and never had a problem getting the cushion from my chair......well done for standing your ground on that one Miss September

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    We flew home from Denver last March (the trip there was an air ambulance) and then there and back in Nov. We had no problems with using the cushion except on the way back after he was seated and plane loaded they wanted him to move to the window seat. So trying to slide him over (he is a little over 200 lbs with no upper body strength) was very difficult.
    When we got home we saw he had a small skin sear on one cheek. Luckilly it did not turn into anything worse.
    We did have a horrendous experience coming home the first time. The airline eventually and sincerely made it up to us.

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