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Thread: Show me the light please!!!!!!!!

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    Lightbulb Show me the light please!!!!!!!!

    I have been the caretaker of a friend of the family for about a year now. He is a parapalegic and is considered incompetent. I make $15 an hour and I only work 3 hours a day and I'm off on the weekend. My question is he has never charged me rent or my two cousins that also stay here to and work other shifts but on my last paycheck it was cut in half and I wasn't notified of the pay increase from $15 to $10 and she also put hourly2 on the check and payed me $5 and hour for 27 hours. I had a total of 34 hours so you can imagine how my check looked. She stated it was for room and board but noone else that lives here did she deduct from their check and I also am the only one on payroll that they don't deduct state and federal taxes. The friend that I take care of said he has no idea why she did that he doesn't require us to pay rent but even so why am I the only one this is happening to? Thank you so much for yoiur time. Steven Hoover

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    Who is the "she" that you are referring to?

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