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Thread: This is how I got injured

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    This is how I got injured

    Hi everyone! I'm curious about everyone's story on how did they got injured. This is not intended to be a sad thread at all but maybe a thread to remember what we use to have be before we got this injury.
    Feel free to tell your story, i'll tell mine.

    I just turned 22, summer was getting here in spain pretty hard. I was the happiest man ever: i finally got the job of my dreams, i had/have a wonderful girlfriend, awesome friends, i was aggressively dedicated to sports, excellent health and physic condition, I had everything i wanted, literally. I wasn't missing anything, it was the time of my life. And i had worked my ass out to get all i wanted which made me even happier because of the results of my own efforts.
    I also was a biker, i was happy as a kid when I used to go driving solo, on the prettiest roads here in the coast, a beatifull sight of the sea.
    I kept working hard, but so hard that i though i deserved a break with my girlfriend who was also finishing exams. So hey, we don't we go to Menorca (pretty island nearby) for a few days. So I got some holidays in those dates.
    It was the last day of work before going out, i just had launch and it was time to go to my job. Went down to my parking and mount on my lady the Honda CBR600. My work place is 10 minutes away in motorbike.
    I was just getting there, i was 2 blocks away passing through the main center of barcelona (Las Ramblas, in case anyone knows). It was so full of people...just like everyday. You'd always drive with caution there...but it's never enough.
    There was this stupid guy who though it would be a good idea texting somebody with his cellphone while crossing the street in a forbidden spot, without even looking if someone was driving there. He appeared from nowhere (he just jumped in front of my motorbike, all of a sudden) and everything went black.
    I found myself sleeping/dreaming...some weird dreams about me riding..and i actually though to my self "weren't you actually driving?".

    Then I woke up. I felt I was in the blackhawk down movie, like in the middle of Mogadisciu. A lot of people on me, screaming and trying to move me like crazy. Even I felt somebody pulling my backpack, I tried to stand up but oops, something's weird with my legs, can't feel them nor move them. I pushed him from the ground as hard as I could.
    I felt my body broken, it hurt as hell. I had some bleeding in my mouth even though i was wearing my full helmet as usual. I had my legs on the road but my torso was resting in the sidewalk...i had the sharp concrete curb in my stomach, I felt like in two pieces. I couldn't look much because of my helmet, so i started touching my legs trying to figure out what was going on. I felt my legs, they were there, warm, they were mine but i couldn't feel them. Couldn't feel the touch of my hand...i started to worry and think to myself... damn I hope this is temporary or something. Fuck.
    I started to shout at people not to move me untill some colleagues showed up and I went off again.

    I had some other weird dreams...untill I woke up again in the ambulance. I had no breath, i realized i was drowning with my own vomits, which was kind of disgusting. I was completely tied and "submerged" in a protective compression air matress, my neck was fixed with a collar. The guys in the ambulance noticed too fucking late that i was drowning and started to untie the trolley to flip it but i knew it was too late. And i though to myself...come on, dead by suffocation because of my own vomits? Come on!! This can't be fucking true. Fortunatelly, they went fast enough. As soon as i could breath, i went off again.

    And you all know...ICU, surgery, rehab, now... all stories are different, all are the same.

    This is a picture an old lady took from his balcony, i got it a few days ago.

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    Whoa, that would be weird to have that picture show up!

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    wow a picture. that is weird.
    I was on a bicycle when a car sideswiped me. he was very drunk.
    your story is one thing but to see a picture of your first minutes as a sci'd is very sad to me. seeing it must have whirled you right back to that moment.
    I always remembered the moment as I passed by the spot where I landed when ever I was driving down that road. I was not hurt as bad as you, but have been stopped over the years by people who were there and tried to keep me from trying to get up and dust myself off.

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    Wow Oxsquidy, That would be so weird to see that picture. It seems morbid to ask people how they were injured-and I never would-but is interesting to hear from others.
    The friends of ours who were with Dave when he fell from the apple tree had a picture from that day of the top of the ladder. I just saw it last week and it chilled me, just seeing that ladder. It was in Oct 08. He broke his neck what was called "A severe complicated slinal cord injury."
    I was not there when it happened. He was climbed the 12 foot ladder and stepped onto a branch His exact words I am told were "You girls need a fat man to shake this tree" because they could not get the top apples.He stepped on a branch and was shaking it when the branch he was hanging onto snapped. It took place at this brothers house. His brother was not home and Dave went to put the ladder away for my sister and friends. Since he worked as a construction pipefitter he was on a ladder all of the time.
    We had to sell our home and buy another that was accessable. It just happens to be on Appletree Lane.
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    Wow, those are both wierd - the op's pic showing up, and Linda's Appletree Lane.

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    i was building wheelchair ramps for the elderly 2-3 months before my injury.

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    It looks like the bike landed on top of you. It looks as if it was dragged off of you.

    I see a guy texting in a green shirt in the photo. Is he the douche?

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    I feel for you. I was injured three years ago this month. I had a giant building collapse while I was cutting a roof vent out. 12,000 sq.ft. just imploded. Prior to the accident I ran at least five miles a day and trained every other year for a marathon. Lifted lots of free weights. Running was my escape from everything. Well, it is getting better. It is what it is and I guess you just have to be thankful. I am a T-10 complete but I always say it could be worse. We just have to stay positive and move a head the best we can. Good luck to you. Best Regards, A Blessed upcomming Easter to you and your family.

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    Hi Oxsquidy
    whoa I am a die hard Biker Forever I relate to your story I too had a Freak motorcycle accident and I felt my body break in 3 parts , Sometimes I have flashbacks and it is so vivid like a movie in slow motion .
    It has been years since
    What pisses me off is medics who probe / intubate or assume / guess and move victims without really knowing how broken our bodies are . ( The injuries )
    God saved me
    I just am never going to give up .


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    My daughter and I were rear-ended by a garbage truck on the highway three years ago next month. I slowed down for the traffic in front of me, but the garbage truck driver was going too fast and couldn't stop. It broke my neck at C 3-4, but thankfully my daughter was not seriously injured. The garbage truck driver stopped but blamed it on a hit and run dump truck. The highway patrolman thankfully figured out what happened, and two weeks later arrested the garbage truck driver. The gargage company still refuses to take responsibility and in fact takes great pride in its efforts to bully me throught the tort legal system since it has more money and lawyers than I do, but they do like their reality TV........

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