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Thread: effects of stress on brain

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    joestingle is more or less right on the mark. it is not a good idea to always look for some outside source of relief. a supplement, another god-awful benzo or any drug really, a special kind of music(although music has wonderous curative powers), and so on. one must take his/her psyche and its well being into their own hands. we (and by we i mean a society and a culture, not us sci folk specifically) become helpless and dependant in a frightening number of ways. medicine is always in an expensive bottle that one must obtain an autograph and blessing from one of the labcoat priests to aquire, air-conditioning is a matter of life and death in the warmer months, nutri-system is the right way to eat if you want to be slim enough to get laid or into an airplane seat, morning sickness is too much to handle without medication, and scariest of all, you can, nay, must, believe the news! if we want to understand and help ourselves we must look inside, not out. critical thinking has been replaced by a dart board, at which people through opinions that come in the sunday paper add circular but they refuse to believe are anyone's but their own. i dunno, maybe i nead to up my dosage, but the only real stresses in my life are those created by the willingness of the mindless masses to believe and follow the dance of the folks with their hands up the backsides of the puppets.
    in short, try meditation. i have a friend who really enjoys soduko. maybe you can sing. you are your own supplement.

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    Robert M. Sapolsk is great!

    Why Zebras Don't Get Ulcers is a worth read.

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