As background, my husband has had several seizures and/or seizure-like events in the recent past.

One appeared to be a classic absence seizure, with an arm tremor. One appeared to be a grand mal. EEGs have always been normal so far.

Yesterday, he had a seizure in the waiting room for his physical therapy evaluation - what a way to make an entrance. It does rather cut down on the witing time to see the therapist however *black humor*. This was another brief absence seizure with some tremors. He had neck spasms in waves at the end and following the seizure. Like previous times, his pupils were dilated.

The event I'm really asking about however, is a slightly different one. He had two episodes one day last week, one lasting about 4-5 minutes and one a couple of minutes. His legs started to tremor, then his arms and most of the rest of him joined in. A pretty strong tremor. His eyes had a slightly upward gaze, one more than the other. His pupils appeared dilated after the events, but were equal and reactive.

However - there was no altered consciousness, no altered mental status at all. He was conversing coherantly with me the whole time, and remembered the whole thing.

Can those last episodes be seizures?