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Thread: Newbie : Please Analyse MRI Results, Suggest future actions.

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    Red face Newbie : Please Analyse MRI Results, Suggest future actions.

    Thank you in advance for your time and guidance.

    I am 35,Male. I lifted heavy weights in a rush and improperly about 6 months ago. Have had lower back pain for 3 years.

    My MRI Results :

    MRI LUMBO-SACRAL SPINE study reveals:
    Sacralisation of L5 body is seen.
    Visualised vertebrae reveal normal marrow signal intensity
    Mild L4-L5 disc bulge is seen, mildly impinging the thecal sac
    Rest of the disc spaces are normal and show normal signal intensity
    The facet joints and ligaments flava are normal
    The conus is seen at L1 level and is normal
    The paravertebral soft tissues are normal

    Sacralisation of L5 body is seen.
    Mild L4-L5 disc bulge is seen, mildly impinging the thecal sac

    Now, the doc had said, "No major damage","Does not look bad", Advised a weeks rest.The severe stiffening of back while getting up is gone.And i feel better in general. But I stlll experience sudden shooting pain sometimes. Now that i know that the pain is because of impingement of thecal sac, I am worried. Will PT help me or will worsen it ? I am worried about Disk Degeneration. How to reduce disc bulge ? How dangerous and harming is continued impingement ?

    Please advise.

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    Sorry you injured your back. Luckily it is not a spinal cord injury. Sounds you have a fusion of the vertebra...a developmental abnormality.

    sa·cral·i·za·tion (skr-l-zshn)n. A developmental abnormality in which the first sacral vertebra becomes fused with the fifth lumbar veterbra.

    Glad your back is not feeling as stiff as you were before. Do you have pain? Have you tried PT yet? Often it does help. Sometimes strengthening the muscles and keeping the rest of your trunk flexible can help in recovery. Good luck to you...

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    Smile Thanks !

    So gracious of you to reply !

    I have not tried PT yet as i was concerned that i might get hurt
    further unncessarily.I will try to undergo PT.

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