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Thread: how to get help around the house

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    how to get help around the house

    I've kind of hit breaking point today. I was injured in a car accident and have been told it is most likely central cord syndrome. My legs are weak but working and my arms are very weak but working except for carrying large or awkward loads. My injury was at C2-C3. I can feel everyhthing although the feeling in some parts is altered. I am in a lot of pain.

    I haven't had any help around the house since my accident. I am finding it impossible to keep up with the house. I work full time also, but I don't make a lot of money. I don't need any home health care. I just need help around the house.

    Is their any assistance for this? I can't afford it. The only thing that relieves the spasms right now is massage and I can barely afford that. I can't add another thing. I really hit breaking point and I don't know what to do. I can't keep up


    (I am usually a positive thinker but that is out the window today.)

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    Are you on any medications for the spasms??Are you getting/doing therapy?

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    On meds for the spasms, done with therapy.

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    Is there a college in your area? Often they have a a place where you can put an ad up looking for someone to do errands, odd jobs, cleaning etc. When my daughter was a student she did this.
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    Maybe you could barter with someone. If you have a talent or something that would be useful to someone else they may be willing to help you. The less you have the easier it is to keep up with. Good luck

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