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    Anybody using a laptop as their primary/only computer, and if so, what?

    I have 2 IBM ThinkPads, a 600X (450 MHZ) I am upgrading, and a T20 upgraded to T22 specs (900 MHZ, 40GB, 5400 rpm HDD, 512 SDRAM). I run XP on everything.

    T20 is wireless, 600 will be soon. Wireless is the way to go, IMHO.

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    I recently worked at a client site where we were each issued a Thinkpad T42. It was a Centrino with 526 Ram running XP Pro. I seriously wish to obtain one of my own!

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    I dedicated my desktop PC (1.3ghz Athlon/1GBram/Win2k) to file serving and use my Dell XPS laptop as my primary computer. It's a 3.2Ghz P4 with hyper threading 1GB ram 40GB 7200RPM hard drive and Win XP pro. It supports wireless G, though I don't use wireless often unless I take this to work with me or go some where besides my desk. IBM's are about the most reliable laptop but the most costly imo. I haven't had any trouble with my Dell so far, but it has only been 6 months yet so we'll see.

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    Primary: Dell 8600-1.5 P-M, 60GB 7200rpm HD, 512MB Ram, ATI 9600 128MB video (hot stuff back in the day).

    GF's hand-me down: Dell 8200, 1.7 P-4M, upgraded to Hitachi 7200 RPM 60GB HD (really speeded that one up).

    Both wireless.

    Gaming computer: Dell XPS (fancy case Dimension 8400 desktop) w/3.4Ghz P4, ATI X800XT video card, connected to a 55" Sony LCD projection TV. (oohh ahhhh)

    Getting back to laptops, I am really impressed with that new Dell XPS Gen. 2 laptop. With that NVidia 6800 video chipset, gaming performance is up there with top-end desktops, and a spiffy 17" screen. I would be jumping on this one, except for rumblings of sucky display LCD quality on these, maybe later until they resolve that.

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    You don't need the Centrino but you do want the Pentium M.


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    Damn Andy your gaming machine kicks ass.
    55" with that fatty video card!

    I use my laptop as 2ndary in bed ease the back passivly thoughout the day computer.

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    Primary laptop- Macintosh 1.5 Ghz PowerBook G4 80 GB hard drive and 512 MB ram. (loving OSX)

    Old laptop- Sony Viao dual boot with WinXP & Linux 650 Mhz P3 12GB hard drive 300 something of ram.

    Both wireless


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    I uses Dell Inspiron 4150 30 GB, 256 MB RAM, XP Prof.

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