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Thread: CES? Dr. Young or SCI-Nurse please comment

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    Dr. Young, please respond to Lumbsacral spine series concerning T,10 11 and 12 degeneration with mild narrowing of thoracolumbar spine with convexity to right. Curvature of thoracolumbar spine with convexity to R. Mild rotational component.
    MRI of lumbar spine is Minimal hypertrophic changes of the end plates affecting the lower thoracic spine. Very mild scoliosos with convexity to the L. No significant hypertrophic degnerative change of the facets Minimal hypertrophic changes of the end plates anterior and anterolaterally lower t horacic spine. Would any of t his account for my bowel sympomts of constipation, diarrhea, urinary retention, incontience of both, less sensation of blowel,bladder, can have lubrication of vagina during stimulation of clitoris with vibrator buut no muscle contractions, and also have large L5S1 protrusion that is moderate to severe disc dehydration. Would a compression fracture still remain if left untreated? Thanks, Ragu

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    Dr. Young - anterior end plates

    I have an MRI of lumbar spine that reads as follows: Modest curvature of the spine with convexity to the left. Aligment otherwise unremarkable. Marrow signal normal without diffuse or focal replacement. Vertebral body and disc space height well maintained. Good preservation of signal from the nuclei. NO tearing of the annlus. No significant protrusion or extrusion of disc material. Spinal canal and foraminal caliber normal. No significant hypertroheric degenerative change of the facets. Minimal hypertrophic changes of the end plates anterior and anterolaterally lower thoracic spine. Conus shows normal positioning and signal. No nerve root abnromality. Lumbosacral spine series on same date of 6/4/04, minimal curvature of spine with convexity to the right. Minimal degenerative changes of the ediscs at T-10, 11 and 11, 12 other wise unremarkable lumosacral spine series. What is anterior and anterolaterally lower thoracic spine and would any of this be the cause for my bowel symptoms of constipation, diarrhea, incontinence of both, more of urine than stool, sensatin to bladder seems less tha tI can not get the urge to go all day and my orgasms are only lubrication no contractions And now I have the large protrusion at L5S-1. One dr. had neg. EMG, next dr. mild to moderate positive S-1. My outer vagianl numbness has gone away. I keep telling them I don't feel my bladder standing as good and dont' empty. Thanks, Ragu

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    If you have large protrusion this seems to be a surgical consideration.Myelomalacia are changes in the cord from lack of blood supply. Has the doctor recommended surgery? For the bladder -Urodynamics is recommended but only after surgery or interventions done.

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    Dear Dr. Young, in response to your reply on the 21st regarding osteophytes, at C3/4 shallow borad based osteo. with mild right form. narowing. C4/5almost same except for moderate right and mild left form. narrowing. Both central canal patent. C5/6 large broad based osteo. moderate bilateral foram. narrowing. Mild central canal stenosis at this level. C6/7 large osteo. mild bilateral narrow. Borderline central canal stenosis. One of the nurses posted that if it was large that it could cause spinal compression if hyperextension injury. I remember my head being tilted but do not remember if it was hyperextended as she called it. Osteophyte htting canal a permanent finding if left untreated? No mention of canal compression now of MRI taken years after MRI but would any of this account for my bowel, bladder and sexual problems? Thanks, Ragu

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    Hello Ragu,

    I'm not a doctor but do have CES.

    The bottom line is that if you had CES you would have a lot of lower motor function loss. You would also most likely have constant pain and extreme numbness in the "saddle area".

    I'm six years and the symptoms don't come and go they are constant.

    I know first hand about the secondary issues associated with SCI/CES and understand how B&B problems can rule your life. It can get deep into your head if you
    let it. I know how you feel.

    I hope you don't mind me saying this but from your posts it seems you may not trust the doctors that are treating you. If that is the case you need to get new people on your medical team.

    This forum is simply the best resource you will find on the Internet for SCI but it's hard for people to diagnose on a forum.

    One last thing, there is a ton that doctors don't know about the workings of the spinal cord. That's not because they are not good doctors it's simply that the research has not progressed to the point where things become cut and dry.

    I wish you the best and feel free to PM me if you ever want to talk.
    Remember no matter what you can live a quality life even with a SCI/D.

    Be Big,
    L4/L5 CES

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    Does anyone know if a complete or incomlete injury would be diagnosed at the time of injury or after surgery? I have full feeling and movement of my anal spinchter but am having constipation with some diarrhea. I have both large and small ostephytes in my neck area, it only showed foramenal narrowing, could that contribute to my bowel, bladder and sexual problems as well? Now they're talking myleopathy but my muscle sttrength in my arms is good. Reflexes were at a 3 neurologist said a little overactive. It showed mild canal stenosis. Could you have good muscle strength and overactive reflexes? I wold think my arms would be getting weaker. I wish I would hear from Dr. Young. They just did another MRI. Awaiting results. My neck makes crackling noises all the time. Thanks, everyone. Ragu

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