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Thread: Brother/Caregiver problems

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    And, how are things with your brother? Did you finally streighten him out, or what?

    I would call his bluff and tell him to get it together or you'll BOTH be out on your asses! Get him to grow up and take some responsibility.

    Edit to add, why not tell your brother that you're going to the State authorities and tell them about his little black mail scheme. He should be arrested for what he's doing to you, after you invited him to "visit" for a month.
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    It's a painful process and I'm procrastinating because its only gonna end in a bad way.

    Im going to begin the process the beginning of next week after I take care of all my doctor appointments this week...
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    you need to call elder abuse or a similiar organization. you really need to get him out of your life its called tough love

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