The MediTouch HandTutor is a rehabilitation glove and software which offers impairment oriented training (IOT) and augmented feedback. The HandTutor provides repetitive customized isolated or inter joint co-ordinated finger and wrist hand exercises and rehabilitates fine movements of the hand and wrist. At the same time the dedicated rehabilitation software motivates the patient to continue intensive repetitive exercises by providing challenging games that have been designed around both neurological and Orthopedic conditions.
Research with the HandTutor confirms that task oriented training should be combined with Impairment oriented (IOT) training to achieve enhanced functional recovery. The HandTutor is used in hospitals and community hand therapy clinics and home care to give an intensive active isolated exercise program. In home care the HandTutor can be supported by out patient therapy sessions or PT/ OT home visits or by tele rehabilitation therapy.
Examples of patients that are treated include Stroke, TBI, spinal cord injury CP, Orthopedic hand and arm surgery, development co-ordination disorders in children etc.
The HandTutor has recently been introduced to major European and USA markets and I would like to offer an explanation of how using the handTutor may contribute to imporved functional rehabilitation.