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Thread: Questions about quads and caregiving

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    Yea, if you can't transfer on your own, everything else is moot and i could see why you need help at night getting into bed. I feel so bad for quads who can't transfer on their own because it simply limits a lot of the ability to be more independent.

    I see from your profile that you're a C-5/6 while i'm a full C-6. That little bit more of function can be huge in being able to learn how to transfer.

    When you were in rehab, did they work hard with you in trying to see if there was any chance you could transfer on your own? I'm my case i was an in patient for 4-5 months after my injury and before being sent home, i was close to being able to transfer on my own, but needed to lean on someone to be able to transfer. Thankfully, i was allowed to do some extra out patient physical rehab and it was there with a very demanding, but smart therapist that finally got me to be able to transfer on my own. Without that transferring ability, i doubt i'd be able to live along like i do and get into bed myself, then learn how to undress myself.

    BTW, i was also helped by another bright therapist who rigged my chair and transfer board so that it made transferring easier. By being able to put that pin on the transfer board into that metal hole that was welded on to a ring that fits on my chair frame, i don't have to hassle with getting the transfer board under my butt. Plus, the board is closer to everything i transfer on to and it can easily go up or down since it's not stuck sitting under the weight of my butt/body.

    Have you ever looked around to see if maybe you could get back into out patient rehab and maybe a bright PT therapist could help you figure out a way to transfer on your own? I didn't realize how much better or worse some therapists can be compared to others until i saw the difference between the two i had. If my first PT hadn't left for a new job wile i was in rehab, in retrospect i may never have learned to transfer on my own.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GoTWHeeLs View Post
    Yeah, I need help with transfers and undressing...I go through a lot of fluids, I'm not sure how many ounces my leg beg is. I'll find out, either way I'd feel more secure with a night bag considering I would have a hard time emptying my leg bag into a urinal because it would consist of using both hands doing seperate actions when I need two hands to complete 99% of my tasks.
    BTW, are you able to empty your leg bag on your own during the course of the day?

    I ask because when i was first sent home from the hospital, i had real trouble trying to empty my leg bag on my own largely because of the brand of bag had this button type of open/close part on the bottom.

    That was just hard for me to do with my foot balancing on the toilet because i needed two hands. Well, i looked around online and decided to try these Bard bags.

    The Bard bag was vastly easier to empty on my own. That white clamp i can simply flip open with my thumb/thumbnail while my foot sits on the toilet. Once the bag is empty, i just push it shut with my thumb. Then i lift my leg off the toilet and bend down to put the whole green part under the band. At night when i'm in bed and if the bag is totally full, i hold the urinal next to the side of my bed with my right hand thumb and push the green emptying part into the urinal. Then all i need to do is flick open the white clamp for the bag to empty while i use both hands then to secure the urinal. I've tried multiple brands of leg bags, for being a C-6 quad though, the Bard bags i've found to be by far the easiest to work with such limited hand movement.

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    The rehab here in Oklahoma is pitiful, I have very strong feelings towards my dependancy upon others based on the therapy I recieved because of the lack of money. Anyways, now my weight has become an issue and unless I could wirelessly operate a crane I'm hopeless until I lose a 100lbs. or so.

    I can drain my leg bag when its within reach, like when I wear shorts and attach a tube to the bag that will reach inside the toilet, the valve does flip open like the one you have.
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