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Thread: Hamster Soap Opera

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    What a hoot!!!

    More than I ever needed to know about the testicles of a hamster...LOL

    I just always made sure not to have two of them so I wouldn't have to deal with their rowdy sex parties.
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    Quick update--and not a very good one.

    The second nest had 6 (6!) babies. Which meant a grand total of 8 babies. Except the two from the first nest got killed and semi-eaten by their mom before my sister got everybody fully separated Which is very sad. She was in the process of setting up a separate cages when the infanticide occurred. My nephew is crushed but he seemed to be handling it better after they held a small burial service in their backyard. Such cute little creatures, I would have never guessed they would do that to their young. But then I guess many animals do.

    My sister exiled the male to a bachelor pad but has backed off on her insistence that he has to go to a new home. She's still pretty pissed at me but seems to be simmering down at bit and getting calmer over the possibility that homes might not be found for all the babies and that they will have to find a way to house them all without anybody else ending up pregnant.

    And, I have been officially banned from giving any of her kids pets as gifts again Reminding her that she okayed the purchase of the hamsters didn't really go over very well.

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