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Thread: Relaxing Sounds

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    Relaxing Sounds

    Here I am up late Tonight chilling out messing around with computer programs I decide to take a break pop in here and type some thing's and about a hour ago I heard a very pleasent blessing of nature and I roll in the other room opening my window it was raining

    This sound is So Relaxing to me

    Although I do not like arthritis I do love fresh nice Rain lol

    Enough said


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    I agree, rain on a tin roof is the absolutely most relaxing sound.

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    I've always loved the gentle sound of rain. Sleeping music.
    Cuddle up in a big blanket with the cool breeze coming through the window.

    But I can't cuddle (sci) any more and after being in a tornado,
    it only makes me scared of what might come.
    Sorry but rain or wind makes me nervous now.
    Texas weather is scarey.

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    Oh I am terrified of tornados. I still remember being dragged down into the basement as a kid - so I really sympathise with you there. Where I live now, when the wind really gets going it is impressive.

    A gentle rain is lovely though.

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    Love the sounds of rain. I also like soft waves, and running streams. Best memory I have was when I was in high school and a group of us rented a cabin next to a stream in the spring and we had a rain storm. I slept on the screen porch, listening the rush of the water and the rain hitting the roof, I slept soo peacful that night.

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    Hiyaz Everyone

    Dear Mona my friend yeppers I definitely agree with you about them tornados
    Been in the outdoors camping 2 x and got in a few bad storms lmao but it made our nights something not forgotten lmao ,

    Do you remember 3 years back a tornado hit dead center tx ? I was in a building under matressses it was definitely different .

    Crazy things huh ?

    Hey Keep smiling

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    I seriously cannot wait for a good rain, with thunder and lightning. I'll sleep good that night.

    Otherwise, the train near our house rocks me to sleep.
    If there is light
    it will find

    --Charles Bukowski

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    the most relaxing sounds you

    will ever hear:

    No one ever became unsuccessful by helping others out

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