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Thread: freak incident

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    freak incident

    2 days ago , A student was carrying ( instead of using trolley to carry) a power supply ( big metal box with buttons) and coming out of the first floor lab and at the same time I was crossing the hallway with my wheelchair . We smashed in to eachother and the power supply cut my my face ( right above the eyebrow and very close to my eye). The whole floor was filled with blood , and that's when the student called 911. The lab technician and a guy from the machine shop kindly helped me to put some tissue to stop my head from bleeding while I was waiting for paramedic. After 20 minutes paramedic arrived and put a band aid and told me to go UBC hospital. Rob took me to ER ( no paramedic didnt bother!!!) , and I ended up with seven stitches... No, the student didn't even apologized or came to ER with me... Kiran told me to inform UBC so make sure they carry sharp and heavy stuff safe which I did. Both the dean and the head of department both contacted me and said they will investigate the incident .. i really hope it wont happen ever was can people not see me?'

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    Wow that sucks! People always jump out of the way when they see and hear me coming (my wheelchair makes a noise hah)
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    I'm really sorry this happened to you, Yas. Good to hear the Dean will be looking into this. If you don't hear back in a week, follow up. There needs to be some type of incident report filed so that it goes on record. You are lucky that you weren't too seriously hurt, although you mentioned you did end up with stitches. God forbid anything manifests from this initial injury, at least you'll have record of the cause. I wouldn't pursue any type of litigation though because it's timely and costly and there's very little guarantee you would win or be compensated. Looks like you did everything right though and I hope you heal up soon. I'm disappointed at the lack of accountability on the part of the student. Not cool at all.

    I realize this is lame, but now, whenever I give my friends my opinion, I have to remind them that any advice I give them is my personal opinion and by no means legal advice. If you think you have a case, and you want to find out more, you should speak to someone who can function in a legal capacity.
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    Wow, it's good that was all the damage. You've checked that no hurt was done to any other part of your body? Some power supplies can be pretty heavy.
    The student at least called 911, that's something. They probably saw that you had plenty of help, they probably felt pretty bad about the accident, and then wished themselves away. But it would have been more responsible of them to stay. I agree with Kiran, if it were me I'd not pursue anything either.
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    You really took one there.

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    Wow, sounds like something outta the movie final destination. Definately a freak accident. Not easy for you to go through, but glad your ok and not real seriously injured.
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    Ouch, that hurts. Hope you feel better soon.
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    I'm so sorry. I bet the shock of the hit was even more frightening than the pain you felt. I hope it mends quickly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wheelie_girl_ View Post
    No, the student didn't even apologized or came to ER with me...
    That bothers the hell out of me more than anything. Accidents happen, but damn, be kind enough to not only apologize but assist in helping someone you hurt.

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    oh, baby girl you are scared for life. the face and scalp does bleed a lot. heals fast too. I have had stitches above my eye and my daughter too. hers is through the eye brow too.
    really sucks that the person did not even apologize. shame! I am sorry that happened to you. the tetanus shot was the most painful, and every time I need stitches, I am just needing a tetanus booster too.

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