I know I have read comments on this in the past, I tried to do a search to add my comments there, to no avail.

I wanted to share my experience with others.

Yesterday I noticed my chair pulling to the left and that it didn't seem to roll nearly as easy as in the past, it seemed as I had to push and push and push instead of push and roll. As I thought on it, I started recalling other instances where I was questioning how my chair rolled, such as pushing through a store recently and the mall, it seemed like a lot more work and rolling out to my barn, it is down hill and I use to roll out a lot faster, and simply rolling through my house and turning took more work.

Last night we removed my casters and took out the hair build up. Today my chir feels like it did when new, the difference is not subtle, to say the least! Clearly this is something that will need to be done regularly, as my chair isn't that old.

Anyway, I wanted to share with this others as something to consider and or be aware of. This seems to be worse build up on the 4" casters than my 8".