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Thread: final decisions

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    This is oddly a very touching post
    I havent made up my mind yet on this topic because I am looking into all ideas or possibilities before I pass on .
    Lately this Topic has been on my mind alot because I just dont feel good

    I dont know what to say but most nights I think about this


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    We were at a big pyrotechic convention (watching, not making them)several years ago. One of the members of the guild had his ashes included and they followed his wishes and set off a beautiful display.
    A nurse we met had some of her husband's ashes in a tattoo of the last line of the heart monitor before he was taken off life support.
    A local muzzle loader (make black powder, not sure what is called) wanted his ashes mixed with the powder.
    They might seem strange to some, but it must have meant a lot to them and their families.
    Not making light of the subject of course. Making a plan no matter what you decide is best.
    How you live your life means more than what happens after.

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    my dad's ashes are in a Huntz Chili Sauce bottle that he used to make BBQ sauce...guess that was all my Mom could find when she divided them up. I'd like to be cremated, but scattered. I don't want to risk ending up in a pickle jar...

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    We scattered my dad's ashes way up high in the mountains, in the creek where he and my mom spent their honeymoon in a camper trailer in the 1950s. That was 5 years ago. I thought it was pretty cool.
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    my will and wishes were made after i had my son. as for my remains: cremation and buried on on my brother's grave. he was my buddy and i lost him 2 jan 1988. i have talked w/cemetery and this is not an issue. i don't want a funeral, but ppl gathering in my name, playing some music and having some laughs would be nice, for them. i think ppl need closure.

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    LOL I'd forgotten about all the metal pieces that will be left!

    I've told my family, no funeral. I want to be cremated and ashes scattered in the mountains near a river. Waste no money on this. I would like them to have a party and celabrate my life, not mourn it.

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    My cousin and her husband are signed up for THIS.. They've chosen the "Earth Orbit" option! I have no idea how much it costs but I imagine it's quite expensive.

    Short video.

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