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Thread: Synergy Solutions - how long should they last?

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    Synergy Solutions - how long should they last?

    My son's cushion is only 6 months old and it's flat where is ischials rest. This is his first chair and cushion and I thought the cushion should last close to a year. Ugh.....
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    I took the covers off and the gel pack has busted. Called the DME and "they'll have a service tech call". Ugh.... he doesn't need more sores.
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    I don't know anything about that cushion, but it sounds like you got a defective one. Hopefully the DME tech will call soon, I know our here moves slower than molasses. I have said if it was there family member that needed something then maybe just maybe they would understand.

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    If he has had pressure sores b4, u DON'T want to mess around with a failed cushion. I am pure bones, did the 4years with a spare butt, used rohos for YEARS until I tried a Stimulite Contour cushion. Using them going on 4 yrs now without a problem. You do NOT have to worry about air/gel leaks any more. I'd get one. In ANY event, he needs to have TWO cushions, especially with gel or air type cushions, never know when they will fail.

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    The DME is sending a new one since his was still under warranty. They said it should be here next week. We'll see. We haven't had good luck with any DME we have used. He has had presssure sores and they took forever to heal. Right now, he's doing more frequent lifts and is on Spring Break, so that's a plus. I am interested in the other types of cushions, this is his first and we're just learning. Thank you again.
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