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Thread: Gardening

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    With the weather getting better here in the UK, we've just prep'ed our vegetable boxes ready for spring planting.

    My sweet red peppers are sprouting nicely, then we'll look at what's next for sowing.


    Our Accessible Vegetable Boxes (in case anyone's interested!)

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    Great garden - looks like you have quite a bit of variety!

    I seem to put in a bunch of the same things - tomatoes, peppers, beans. I try a few stay seeds (carrots, radishes, spinach) but haven't done terribly well though. We'll see this year.

    I've never tried pepper plants from seeds - I usually buy a variety of plants. But maybe I'll give that a go, this year or next - we'll see how my seed sprouting turns out so far.

    I do have scarlet runner beans though - I understand they're quote popular in the UK. Really pretty things.

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    Went to TomatoMania yesterday and bought 6 plants. Got them into the raised beds, staked them, fed them, and now to wait for blooms and eventually juicy, sweet homegrown tomatoes!! I am sure I will be giving some of them away to friends and neighbors, but plan to make a lot of homemade gazpacho this summer too.


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    I am SO jealous. I can't plant until sometime in May.

    What varieties do you like?

    Gazpacho is good. I absolutely adore the Italian salad Panzanella - I discovered it last year. I'll probably put up a recipe in tomato season. Also, bruschetta.

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    I put in some good tomato varieties for Southern CA:
    San Diego
    Sweet Million (a cherry)
    Black Krim (a new introduction from Russia)
    I starting cutting roses this week too...I have 4 bushes in glorious bloom. We are able to prune right after Christmas here, and nearly always have roses by Easter. See below (St. Patrick and French Lace):

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    Oh what beautiful roses! I've never been a rose fan - but I've just seen the standard ones in a bouquet. Those are entirely different - amazingly gorgeous.

    I've grown Black Krim - they're great. I've heard of celebrity and sweet million, but not the others.

    Here's my planned varieties so far - if I can get them all this year:

    Cherry/small varieties:
    Black Cherry --- possibly my favorite tomato, great flavor, very productive
    Red Pear --- Very productive, nice to mix the 3 colors in a salad
    Sungold --- Had yellow pear, I've read good reviews on Sungold

    Regular varieties (hybrids)
    New Girl --- Made lots, early, nice taste
    Better Boy --- Reliable
    Supersteak --- Terrific and huge, but late
    Lemon Boy --- Need one yellow one, very productive

    Black tomatoes (heirloom) - will probably pick 3
    Nyagous --- My favorite of the blacks so far
    Black Krim --- Was very productive, a little softer than Nyagous
    Cherokee Purple --- Great big beefsteak style
    Paul Robeson --- Haven't tried this one before

    Other Heirlooms
    Pineapple --- Really unique sweet taste, and very pretty
    Red Brandywine --- Nice big beefsteak style

    I need to pick a couple more. I'm probably short on good 'ol red ones, so I'll see what I want.

    I wasn't as impressed by regular (pink) Brandywine as I thought I'd be. And hated Mortgage Lifter.

    I can't wait for garden tomatoes! (I'll have a long wait though )

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    Ok, I was lurking until I saw the pics of the roses, KLD. What beautiful blooms! I'm not sure what shape my few bushes and climbers are going to be in after 3 very hard freezes in NW FL. I'll take whatever I can get I guess.

    Mona, you might try a sheet or section of lattice behind your tomatoes (between them and the sun) and try a technique I use called French Pruning (you can also esplaier your tomatoes, too). This (with the lattice) will give you some protection from the scorching sun, and tame them to a height that's very manageable from a chair. When I first started using a chair, my hubby made planter boxes from 4x4' plywood sheets (3/4", on the bottom of the boxes) and 1"x12"x4' lumber on the sizes (screwed into blocks at the corners) up on sawhorses for my "raised" garden. They ended up being difficult to reach the center, so I transitioned to 2'wide by 4' long in the following years, on concrete block bases.

    I do use lattice for the tomatoes, and will keep it simple this year with only a few other veggies. Last year we planted 2,000 sf of garden, and it likely killed us to keep up with it. Not pretty. The bugs ate it faster than we could pick it.

    I'm putting the tomatoes in containers this week, and the sweet pepper seeds in the ground after Easter Sunday. Got some herbs, but could not find any Lavender at Lowe's just yet. Will try the local garden store midweek to see if they have any.

    We replanted some cactus from a friend's house in the front yard under the windows in full sun. We're hoping to discourage any breaking-and-entering, which has become a problem in our local neighborhood/subdivision. Go figure, cactus and azaleas in the same landscape.

    Any ideas for keeping cats (and their poo) out of my veggies this year?

    Happy spring....

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    Awesome Roses!!! Roses are my favorite flower. We stil have another month or so before we can prune the rose bush and start planting everything.

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    Margie, there are some products you can buy and sprinkle on the ground that are supposed to repel animals. Not sure if they're good for a garden though.

    Wow, 2000 sq feet - that's quite a garden! I'd like a bigger one, but maybe not quite that big.

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    I planted my garden last weekend and everything is still alive...

    I used wine barrels and a few ceramic pots I had from other attemps in the past to grow things. Here is what I planted, sweet basil, mint, rosemary, cilantro, dill, chives, parsley, two types of onions, strawberries, serrano, jalapeno, & pablano peppers.Tomatoes, blackberries, & artichokes are planted on the other side of the house.

    If all goes well maybe I can go into business.

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