Today it is really really beautiful out. I cannot believe I was outside in shorts and a t-shirt in mid-March - and I was hot!

We seem to be having an early spring (I have crocus flowering, and the other flowers are starting to put up shoots) so I guess I'll get an early start on the gardening.

I went out to the herb garden (my pride and joy) and was delighted to see a bunch of herbs have come back. The thyme is doing great, oregano, chives, sorrel, and tarragon are all starting. To my amazement, the rosemary survived the winter.

And then there's "Mo". "Mo" is my maniac mint plant, named for Mojitos (his purpose in life as far as I am concerned). As far as he is concerned, his purpose is to take over the earth. Wow that thing can spread. So as he's peeking up - and heading outward. I dug down and put a border around him. I live in hope. Friends have taken sprigs of him as far as Texas, so he's doing pretty well. If anyone needs some Kentucky Colonel Spearmint - just wait a little bit - I'm sure he'll be there soon.

I'm going to put in a crop of sugar snap peas soon - I'm hoping for an early crop this year. I may try some lettuce again, although I never seem to win.

Need to call the local stable, and see if he'll bring me a load of composted manure soon. Everything grew like crazy from that stuff last year - unfortunately including the weeds.

I have walnut trees nearby, so my tomato plants go in containers. But they grew like crazy last year - most heirlooms, but a few old standbys.

I'm going to get some basil seeds, and give that a try. Regular, of course, and I hope to find some of the Purple Ruffles. Anyone know when to start the seeds? How far ahead of the last frost date?

Anyone else like to do veggie gardening? What are you growing this year?