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Thread: vibration therapy

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    vibration therapy

    how about this then folks to stimulate blood-flow whilst in your standing frame?
    help with pressure areas, maybe builld muscle?

    but where would you find this or similar in USA or UK? it's called 'beauty star', spanish.

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    Terence, have you tried the 'power plate' at your local gym? Some physios also use them here in the UK.

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    They use power plate here in Spain too. Although I have barely use it because my injury is too young to mess with it, it's very tiring and they say it's good workout.

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    they have one that is similar in the US. They use it in some physical therapy places.

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    There's quite a few manufacturers that I'm sorting out. I recently had a chance to try a couple Galileo models and am sold on the overall idea. 10 minutes on it and my legs are fried. Added benefits are bone density, circulation improvement and temporary alleviation of tone. I am buying one asap to use at home, should of got one a long time ago.

    edit** this unit http://www.galileowholebodyvibration...s-advance.html could be easily incorporated into a standing frame and works good with a total gym too. I like that the plate oscillates rather than shakes. It alternately pounds each foot and I feel different sensations up and through my hips. Initially, it fires every muscle so effectively I can just about stand up hands free for a few minutes. It also doesn't vibrate your teeth quite as bad as the powerplate does.
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