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Thread: Signs Of Spring 2010

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    Colonus, isn't it weird that just a month ago ya'll we're buried in snow. Btw great pics!

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    Its still winter time here in Florida, got down to 49 degrees last night. Geeze, I'm heading back up North to R.I where I can see flowers blooming and all and here birds chirping. The weather has been really messed up this year, it was 10 to 15 degrees colder here in Florida just about all winter and it sounds like the spring kicked in real early up North.
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    Record temps here today and yesterday ...... 72 degrees this afternoon, we even had dinner on the deck!

    (Of course, supposed to go back to March weather tomorrow .....)

    Nothing much in the way of flowers yet tho .....
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    love the pics... This part of NE still have just heads popping up for daffodils and a few beautiful little crocus.. At least snow is gone last couple of weeks..

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    My peach tree in full bloom

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    Just a couple of Tulip trees, the big and the small.

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    Is a tulip tree the same as a magnolia tree? Those look a lot like my magnolia. I can't wait until it blooms.

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    Nice pics, 55 and Reba. Reba, that's a pretty house.
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    back to the new england tease spring warm cold wet dry, keeps you guessing.

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    Love those crocus! Nice stripes..:-) Great pics here...Thanks so much for this thread..

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