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Thread: What are your hobbies?

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    I PLAYED CALL OF DUTY ALSO Smirk. Doing Diablo for a reak from COD we'll hae to get a game going. Is it still just randomly running around shooting people.

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    Cheap men, fine vodka & rock! LOL
    “If everybody's thinking alike, somebody isn't thinking.” Gen. Patton

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    Model railroading N sacle.
    oh well

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    Ebay. I love online auctions.

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    Ebay can be addictive lol

    (But I just got a good Lego set for a little boy today )

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    Quote Originally Posted by TAM63 View Post
    Ebay can be addictive lol

    (But I just got a good Lego set for a little boy today )
    I know So far I've been good.

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    lol I've been good - well mostly.

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    gypsy that is funny. I have never found anything in my belly button.

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    Jody it is amazing if one has a deep innie belly button ( like Me ) lmao
    I probably could put a dime in mine
    This uncharted area of the human body is baffling

    My Cousin he is a professional Weightlifter and he has a big outie Belly Button and his ruptured ugghhh Gross
    I used to like slimjims but eversince I heard about his Gross incident I dont eat them anymore slap me !!!!
    So for those of you here with outies Dont pick lint off them ! lmao

    Jody the good thing about my hobby is it is mine and personal
    Rofl what ya think ?
    Keep smiling

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    Father, I think those beads would get the best of me. My hand tend to cramp on me, and even the beads I use fishing can be a troublesome thing getting the fishing line thru them. I grow tomatoes, beets, raspberries. I got some heirloom tomatoes, indeterminate height, gad the things were well over the height of the house, got a ton of tomatoes,mostly cherry for salads, the pugs got all the lower one we got the upper ones.(The rascals learned to trample down the raspberries and get them all)

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