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Thread: What are your hobbies?

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    My tomatoes grew over my head last year too.

    Man, that's some determined pugs - I wouldn't want to trample raspberries - ow, prickly things.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fishin'guy View Post
    Father, I think those beads would get the best of me. My hand tend to cramp on me, and even the beads I use fishing can be a troublesome thing getting the fishing line thru them. I grow tomatoes, beets, raspberries. I got some heirloom tomatoes, indeterminate height, gad the things were well over the height of the house, got a ton of tomatoes,mostly cherry for salads, the pugs got all the lower one we got the upper ones.(The rascals learned to trample down the raspberries and get them all)
    I can assure you that sometimes I have very difficult time with some stubborn beads. Not everything is simple as I want it to be. But I am trying.

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