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    Hands free phone

    This is a little off topic for this site, but it still applies.

    A friend of mine with MD, not SCI, is looking for a phone that he can operate himself. He has next to no hand/arm control and doesn't use a mouthstick. He can operate a computer with a tracking system on the computer and his nose.

    I've looked a Radio Shack and a few similar places but have yet to find anything completely hands free. The phone's main purpose will be for emergencies, but normal use would also be nice.

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    I doubt you find any thing that is truly hands free or doesn't require some motor skill for manipulation. A blue tooth enabled phone with voice recognition would possibly work provided the blue tooth earpeice or headset didn't need adjusting, and someone was there to put it on and help him set it up initialy. They are a bit expensive with blue tooth and the blue tooth equipment.
    Phones are a real issue as they only seem to be getting smaller and smaller. I use a treo which has a nice size number pad on the touch screen. Other features that require you to use the stylus wouldn't be useful to them, so you are spending 300 bucks on a phone that is 90% useless.

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    Teyrn is right...
    However, I have a laptop that is bluetooth compatible where I don't need an earpiece to talk through the phone. You do need a phone with voice recog (Motorola V710).
    Haven't played too much with it...but I think that I can get the voice activation started via the computer some way.

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    SBC may have the technology that your friend needs. What state does he live in? I thought RadioShack sold Environmental Control Units for voice recognition.


    Accessibility Resources

    We deliver solutions that keep our customers with vision, hearing, mobility, or speech limitations connected. And some needs require additional equipment, and not only will we provide the tools to qualified customers free of charge, we also have a long-term goal to develop products that make universal access a reality.
    Vision Solutions
    Hearing Solutions
    Mobility Solutions
    Speech Solutions
    Special Needs Equipment
    Information and Ordering
    California Equipment Loan Program
    Universal Design Policy
    California Relay Services (CRS),00.html


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    Live life as you see fit, not as the world says.

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    Contact number for the SBC Accessibility Resource Program in Indiana:1-800-742-8771

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    Suggested Retail Price: $2995.00

    Description: The Butler-in-a-Box home automation system is a 2-user voice-activated control system with speech output that allows the users to operate (hands-free) all appliances, lights, and telephones through 4-modes of operation: time, touch, voice, and situation. The system uses the existing household wiring to remotely control devices by using carrier current modules.


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