Keep What New York Won
Saturday, 06 February 2010 10:59

by diverdonreed

New York Patrolman Paul Richter was shot in spine while on duty. Temporarily patralyzed, he fought for an (essentially free) paralysis research program-- highly successful-- now to be wiped out of existence, though it costs New York almost nothing, and brings in new money to the state...

by Don C. Reed

Paul Richter is a hero to me.

Shot three times in the line of duty, Trooper Paul was temporarily paralyzed. He was lucky, he says, regaining full motion (though he still has a lot of nerve pain.)

But instead of just thinking about himself, Paul managed to persuade every Democrat and Republican in the New York legislature to pass a spinal cord injury research act—and he did it almost without a single tax dollar!

"Uncle Paul’s Law" is funded almost entirely by a traffic ticket add-on. Since car crash is the number one cause of spinal cord injury, it makes sense that those who endanger their own and other people’s lives should help pay. (In California, I was inspired by the New York effort to propose the Roman Reed Spinal Cord Injury Research Act.)

A great law—already helping not only New York, but every paralysis-suffering person in the world.

I believe that one day my paralyzed son Roman Reed will fulfill Christopher Reeve’s prediction to "that Roman and I will stand up from our wheelchairs and walk away from them forever". Cure did not come in time for our great champion, but I still believe in his great dream.

When that happens, New York will have been part of that tremendous effort—if we act now, to prevent bureaucratic short-sightedness from killing it. The only expense is a very nominal administration cost—other than that, it costs New York nothing—and it might mean a great deal to people suffering the agonies of paralysis.

Read a note from Dr. Sally Temple, and then send one e-mail to the two government officials below—please?

It need not be long. Even a single sentence: "I support the New York Spinal Cord Injury research law" is helpful. Remember,


But time is short, so please act right now, and send a short note to these two gentlemen....

Senator Carl Kruger

Assemblyman Herman D Farrell, Jr.

Thanks so much,

Don C. Reed

P.S. Below is more info from Dr. Sally Temple.

Governor David Paterson has recently proposed terminating the Spinal Cord Injury Research Program (SCIRP) administered by the NYS Department of Health in his Executive Budget proposal. (Chapter 338, Laws of 1998).

Here is the document showing the proposed cut: Click here: NYS DOB: 2010-11 Executive Budget Briefing Book - Health Care Third bullet up from bottom of page.