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Thread: pseudomonas aeruginosa

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    pseudomonas aeruginosa

    I've got it. In the last three weeks the symptoms have gotten stronger. My urine has smelled bad for months, but I started to feel shakey and sweaty. I took a specimen in and by the time I got the results mailed to me I was in for my follow up visit.

    The doctor said its resistant to all oral antibiotics...and come back in 30 days.

    From what I've read here, its not likely going away. Why would we wait 30 days and how can I put a dent in it in the mean while?

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    Did the result show "colonization" not infection- meaning that you are without other symptoms such as fever, increased WBC count, etc. in which case, it is not usually treated in SCI folks.
    If colonization, it may be the reasons to wait but if you are colonoized, it is likely it will show up in your urine even after 30 days.
    Why not ask the doctor what the plan is for waiting 30 days?
    Search term "urine bacterial colonization" and you will get more information.


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    I've been colonized for quite a while. White cells are up. I was only told to watch for a rise in temp. I usually run about 1 degree below normal anyway.

    Search some more...

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