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Thread: vaginal delivery & pregnancy

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    vaginal delivery & pregnancy

    Hello. I am proud and excited to say that my husband and I are expecting our first child on 10-10 =) I am a T12 incomplete and wanted to know if anyone has had a vaginal delivery or know anyone whose has an SCI and delivered vaginally. My doctor has said so far so good and the initial plan is a regular delivery. I can ask for a C-section but a regular delivery is a much faster recovery. Also, they are worried that an epidural may or may not work for me if I needed surgery. I have to meet with an Anesthesiologist to discuss options. My docs are all working together and its been a great experience so far. Also, does anyone know if anything can happen or change your hip bones during pregnancy or labor? That was something I was a little concerned about. I see my dr. on the 2nd so I will ask him as well =) Any advice would be great!

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    I delivered both my girls vaginally, no problems with the epidural (except for the nurse holding ice on my foot to see if I could feel it, lol) but I have no breaks in my lower spine.
    I think that being paralyzed, and unable to fight the pain/contractions, enables our bodies to deliver babies more easily as we are not fighting nature if ykwim.
    Both my deliveries were induced at 37 weeks after my cervix had become favourable. In both cases I had been on the pitocin drip for hours and hours with little change until my waters were broken. Both my babies were born an hour and a half after my waters being broken.
    Emily, C-8 sensory incomplete mom to a 8 year old and a preschooler. TEN! years post.

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    Oh, and congratulations! My children are the lights of my life, even when they drive me nuts, and they are also the best OT and physio I've had lol.
    Emily, C-8 sensory incomplete mom to a 8 year old and a preschooler. TEN! years post.

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    I have had all mine with C-section. The plan was to do it vaginally, but my pelvis was too narrow. Here they don't give people with SCI epidural, so I did it under narcosis.
    The two first pregnancies were great, the last one was terrible because I gained too much weight, 36 kg.
    TH 12, 43 years post

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    I'm T12/L1 complete and had both of my girls vaginally. I was induced with both pregnancies at 38 weeks. I had my first girl in 4 hours, the second in 3 hours! I had no anesthesia at all. I was told an epidural would be impossible due to the placement of my rods. I had the option of IV meds but chose to just tough it out rather than feel drunk or out of it on the IV meds. It hurt a lot but it was definitely worth it!! I never wanted a C-section because for me that would have meant general anesthesia. I wanted to be awake and alert when my kids were born! It's a great experience and having a great OB is so important. I'm glad you have good doctors. Feel free to ask me any questions or PM me if you want since we're pretty much the same level! Congratulations and good luck!

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    Thank you for all the great comments. =) So Phillis could you feel the contractions and the delivery? I am incomplete and Im labeled for feeling & movement from L2-L3. I can feel my pelvis area to an extent. Different areas have different sensations, etc.. I do not have rods but I do have a fusion and metal bracket w/screws from T11-L1. I dont think I will need an epidural, the drs. say I may not feel the really bad parts...We shall see b/c Ive never experienced pregnancy before. It sounds like inducing is a good option, is that b/c they want you at the hospital for labor? I would assume they dont want you waiting around b/c you may or may not know its happening...

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    my sci was after children, but I also have mild spina bifida that did affect me in late pregnency and delivery. both labors were induced and i got epidural. pushing was not effective, and although my contractions were strong, I could not push them out, so they used a vacume cap and I had to use a foley for a few months after both. I had gestational diabetes and blood pressure problems and huge babies so I think it was a combination of not good abdomanal muscle tone and the big babies that affected the delivery. the pregnancy where I paid close attention to weight gain and ate very healthy was the better one to recover from, but the healthier eating did not prevent gestational diabetes from returning. so my advice is to eat more small meals of very good food, and not have junk around like I did with my first.
    congratulations, mine are grown now. seems like yesterday.

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    I'm a quad & had a vaginal delivery with an epidural (due to AD). I agreed to be induced at 39 weeks, but would never do that again - I allowed the pitocin & eventually a cervical softener but didn't let her break my water (then you are on the clock)...3 days later, i agreed to it & baby popped herself out (literally) minutes later. She was VERY tired after days of epidural & had nursing issues for the 1st 2 weeks. I now know that babies come when they're ready.

    My hips are about an inch wider, I'd say (but they spread SCI or not).

    Good luck
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    Doctors choose to induce at 38 weeks apprx as they do not want to risk AD from a sudden onset of labor..they break the water as part of the process..(I didn;t know there was an issue with this..and my doctor specialized in delivering woman with SC injuries Cervical I didnt tell him what he couldnt do). Delivered both my children in the early it did take all day..but I was in a private room and was comfortable and resting due to epidural. They had to use suction for the first child as I couldnt push..and the nurse got up on top of me and used her forearm to press from top of stomach down as it got a little stressful as baby couldnt get out by itself without a little help! The second baby came out suction or pushing needed..just came on out with contractions..
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    Yes, I could feel the contractions and delivery. The pain was worse with my second child because I dilated from a 4 to complete in less than 30 minutes. The pain was absolutely unbearable. I sent my husband for help because I knew I couldn't handle the pain any longer and was willing to try the IV drugs. The nurse finally agreed to check me and I was complete!! I think you're smart to meet with the anesthesiologist ahead so you know your options. That way if you do feel a lot you'll be cleared for the epidural. My OB induced me because like you said she wanted that control over my labor. It was fine with me! By 38 weeks I was ready!!

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