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Thread: medical insurance question

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    medical insurance question

    My husband has a T4 injury and was injured 2 and a half years ago. His employer is the best we could hope for but at the beginging of the year they had to change their medical insurance because they had to lay so many people off. Now the insurance company requires employees to work 30 a week to qualify for benifits.
    My husband is having a difficult time working that much, infections, pressure sores, bowel and urine accidents, doctors appointments etc... He is using his vacation time to make up the hours but will run out soon. If he cant make 30 then no insurance.
    Does anyone know if there is any ADA, FMLA etc that could help. I was on the phone all day today adn got no where. They said the company does not qualify for FMLA because they have less than 50 employees.
    Any suggestions???

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    can you try the angle of being grandfathered in? since he has been an employee under the old rules and has a physicla disability that does not allow him to work that many hours maybe there is some way to get the benefits grandfathered in for him. I know this is probably long shot.

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