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    wide band catheter

    i started using rochester wide band external catheters about a month ago. the last couple of days they have been blowing off after about two hours. Sometimes i catch it but usually not. its like it slips down and the glue sticks it together fills up and blows off. what can i do to stop this? i still do ic also, and take ditropan. does botox work i really want to get away from the condom cath any help would be great thanks.

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    I used a similar product for 13 years.
    After putting one on, before I would connect the leg bag tube, I would sprinkle some talcum powder down the end of the condom cath, wait a few seconds then shake out the excess. It was quite a successful method of stopping the 'gluing together'.

    Good luck!

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    Botox works for some people but you must consider that botox needed to be repeated every 3-6 months ongoing. It is definitely worth discussing with your clinician depending on your individual bladder history.

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    Here is a trick that makes wide band caths work better:

    Instead of putting them straight on like the first picture hold the cath by the rolled up ring lightly with one finger and thumb (red arrows). Then hold the stem/tip with your other hand’s finger and thumb and gently push down through the ring (light green arrow) until it flips inside out and looks like the second picture (the red stem part is inside the black cath side and ring). It may bunch up a bit before it flips out nicely.

    Keep holding the stem and gently remove your other hand’s finger and thumb from the ring.

    Put the cath on the tip of your penis. Push down lightly on the stem for 10-15 seconds to help it set in place.

    While still holding the stem with one hand use the finger and thumb (shown in blue) from the other hand to grasp the condom just below the ring (don’t get stuck to the ring).

    Then ease the cath down over the head of the penis until the ring is close to the skin. When you run out of room and have to roll the ring down only roll one spot at a time with the side of your thumb, working around in a circle (like putting on a Tupperware lid) to minimize the size of ring that remains (varies between caths).

    Once you are past the ring you can roll the rest down as usual. There will almost always be a ring of some kind where I drew it in green on the last picture.

    This works better because the condom is dead center and the penis is right in the tip of the cath so the urine can more easily get directed down the tube.

    I use extra Uro-Bond III glue on the head of the penis, which I put on and let dry a minute or two before following the above procedure.

    Practice putting the cath on a banana a bit before trying on your skin because it takes a few tries to figure out the technique.

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