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Thread: I am Dr. Xiao, inventor of the Xiao Procedure

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    I am Dr. Xiao, inventor of the Xiao Procedure

    I used to just read the posts here with great appreciation to Dr. Wise Young, due to very busy work load and committments. I believe it is time now to join the forum and do my best for the community.

    We have been performing the Xiao Procedure for over 350SCI and 1500SB cases since 2000 with a success rate over 80%. I have focused on th clinical trial in USA recent years. The reason is simple: 10 patient's results in USA are more valuable and more convincing than 10,000 cases in China where high quality followups are difficult to obtain. The USA results, so far, are better than I expected. I can not provide you with patient's details by law, but you can get some information from the NIH webside:
    Please read the abstract and be advised the reported results was for one year after surgeryonly and the paper hasbeen accepted by one of the top medical journals.Most recent results are even better.

    Also, I wish all patients to get as much infomation as possible regarding the Xiao Procedure before making any decision. Those people who lost libel cases and fined US$10,000 in NY Federal Court and 40,000RMB in China, came here to smear on me was bad, but should have some positive role: Patients should be very careful before making decision for surgery, not only regarding the Xiao procedure, but any invasive procedue. I am posting a link below,which is a webcaster of my invited leture on Xiao procedure at SIU 30th annual meeting.

    I will try my best to answer your all questions, though may with delays( just too busy)
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    Dear Dr Xiao

    Welcome to CareCure. Nice to see you here.

    Have a nice time here. Hope u recognize me.



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    Hi, and welcome. It's good to hear from you yourself.

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    Three foot stream

    A video of Dr. Young discussing Dr. Xiao's work:

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    Thanks, Jawaid, and tom63 and Toperf.

    Jawaid, posted below is the link you requested regarding the gunshot SCI girl in Luisana.

    Toperf: FYI: I was invited to the scandina biannual SCI meeting in vinberg in June. I have trained the team from Arhus University and they are going to have their trial on SCI.

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    I will try to post at least 10 videos showing different kind of SCI patients voiding after the Xiao Procedure. I will have to learn how to cover up their faces and other identities first.I am not good at IT procedure at all.

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    Dr. Xiao:

    Two years post injury. t6/10, brachial plexus injury also. What can you do, for how much $, with what success rate, and when can this happen?

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    Quote Originally Posted by CG Xiao View Post
    I will try to post at least 10 videos showing different kind of SCI patients voiding after the Xiao Procedure. I will have to learn how to cover up their faces and other identities first.I am not good at IT procedure at all.
    Dr. Xiao, it is difficult to post videos on our site unless they are in one of the popular formats such as u-tube. It would be far easier if you had them on a web site of your own and linked to it or perhaps Steven Edwards (who is an administrator of this site) can help you put it into a format that would work.


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    Dr. Xiao,

    Thank you for joining this community, and thank you for your dedication to improving our lives.

    I look forward to learning more about your procedure in this direct fashion.

    I caution you that there is a great deal of frustration and skepticism regarding medical research among some members of our community. We also are not immune to the more general ills of Internet mischief. Hopefully, all who enter this discussion will use this opportunity positively. I hope that the administrators and moderators share my view that this thread is unique enough to consider taking a more active role than our norm in keeping the conversation on track.

    Dr. Xiao, I understand that each case is unique, and that it is difficult to address individual situations in this format. Still, I will ask - in general, is your procedure appropriate for adults with Spina Bifida? What factors do you consider in making that determination?

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