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Thread: Wheelchair accessible vehicles

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    I use a sliding board also dont need help when getting into the car, will post pictures when i get truck.

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    hello .
    i am a disabled because of my spinal cord problem. I converse my van to the wheelchair accessible, this is really very helpful for me to drive from the wheelchair. It also have the hand controls.

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    I have driven a minivan for years with seating for seven. Now that our children have grown up and have gone their own ways I feel I would like to drive something other than a van. A mom van just isn’t me anymore. The van I use currently has a Bruno lift that I can access from the passenger side. I put my chair in the van with help from the lift and transfer to the drivers seat. I only lost one seat with this configuration, yeah? My question to others is how does one stow a wheelchair in a vehicle if not in a van? I use a manual chair but cannot walk or stand.


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