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Thread: Sense of touch gradually diminishing?

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    Question Sense of touch gradually diminishing?

    When I first got out of rehab three years ago, I had some sense of touch in my legs, not much, but it was there. It seems like over the last three years that sense has diminished. There are still spots I can feel. But, for example, I used to be able to tell if my feet were dragging on the floor, now I can't.

    Is this unusual? Should I expect what little feeling I have to disappear over time?

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    It sounds like you had an incomplete injury. Unfortunately, everyone is different and some folks maintain the same function and sensation but many see declines. Some see these decline and then return periodically.

    Other factors such as muscle atrophy, integrity of nerves, limb positioning can also affect sensation.

    I do recommend, however, that if this is a drastic change that you see your SCI doctor to rule out such things as a syrinx, which could cause changes you describe.


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    I had great feeling for a quad. great in my genitals, tell when my bowels or bladder needed to move, great sexually and could even tell you which toe you was touching then a infection settled in my spine and killed just about all my feeling. You just never know.
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    I lost use of my left hand due a syrnix diagnosed back in 85. It took a long time to diagnose. No one knew about them then. I lost some abdomal muscles and was in [ain for the 1st time I remember and my balance was shot. Iwent to 5 major medical centers to finally be diagnosed. I was worried I had cancer.

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    I was wondering about the syrinx as well. I've had a couple CT scans when I had problems with my bac pump though and they didn't mention it then, I'd think it would have shown up on those scans.

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