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Thread: thinking of moving to Florida. Some input/advise would be appreciated..

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    thinking of moving to Florida. Some input/advise would be appreciated..

    Hey guys,

    I've been thinking of moving from California to Florida for the following reasons (plz provide any input):

    1) Thinking of buying property outright for $250,000, so I will free up current monthly home principal paymt (saving approx $15,000 per yr)

    2) From what I read, property tax is free for Quads (saving another $4-5,000 per yr)

    3) Used to be a cop out here in Ca and alot of my friends will be retiring in 5-10 yrs, so really no reason to stay here (considering the financial mess the state will be in for the foreseeable future)

    4) Property prices are depressed right now, which makes it an ideal time for a cash buyer

    1) No family / friends out in Florida (thinking of buying the property as a vacation home at first to allow me to transition)

    2) Not sure where to buy. Was thinking of Cape Coral just because property prices are amazing

    3) Hurricanes, etc - obviously I will get complete insurance coverage for the house to protect my investment (does anyone know what the avg cost would be?)

    4) The humidity during the summer.

    SOME QUESTIONS for those living in Florida:
    1) In CA, we get discounts on our gas/electric bills to help offset the additional expenses we incur. Does FL offer the same or any additional benefits?

    2)Any opinion on Cape Coral? Any other place I should be looking at?

    3) I currently have Kaiser Insur in CA and prob need to change (need to look into). Is there Kaiser Perm down there (I know Im asking a lot lol)

    My plan is to buy a place sometime this year. Any input/advise/opinions/questions would be appreciated. Obviously there are many things to consider from financial/physical/medical/social/etc. I'm looking for input to help me with things I might not have thought about. I'm also looking for contacts out in FL to pick their brains regarding their knowledge of the area, etc

    Thxs ,

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