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Thread: Best Type of Laxative for Long Term Use

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    Best Type of Laxative for Long Term Use

    I have been told by my doctor that I should not plan to use senna tablets for my long term bowel program. I have been using them since the start, about 2 years ago. I take 2 tablets each evening and have 2 bowel movements a day, when I get up in the morning and just before bed.

    So, as I reduce and then eliminate senna, I need to replace it with something since I am on methadone and oxycodone. Would it be best to take MiraLax, Metamucil or Citrucel? Or does it even matter?

    I need to maintain stools that are slightly on the hard side since I need to do manual evacuation. Too loose and I get smearing during the day, too hard and I am constipated.

    Thank you. Derek

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    Just in case you end up needing it, there is also a newish drug that is specifically designed to reverse opioid-induced constipation - Relistor. It's an injection though, that you can give yourself.

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    My wife has used Miralax for getting on to 4 years now; we've been told there are no long-term effects. You'd need to adjust the amount you need to obtain the best consistency - it varies a lot for her, but then she often forgets to take the stuff. BTW, she also uses Enemeez, supplemented with dig stim & usually manual removal; it's once a day in the evening for her.
    - Richard

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    If you can achieve your results with metamucil, benefiber or citrucel- thisa would be the best as it is fiber with few side effects. You would have to try it out. If not, I would recommend miralax, perhaps even every other day.


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    Also, did you ever consider a suppository such as magic bullet or enemeez 3x weekly for your bowel program if the fiber isn't enough?


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    Just to clarify, of course, what the nurse said.

    I only mentioned the Relistor in case those did not suffice - I didn't intend that it would be the first thing to try..

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    Organic Smooth Move

    Ohhhh, where do I start… This is big problem for me. My doctor put me on 2tabs of Senna 3 times daily plus 4 caps of Ducasate/night – not working. But what sometime does help me is herbal tea – Organic Smooth Move. sold at almost any grocery store (don't buy it at GNC it's over priced there.)
    Drink BEFORE bedtime...let it steep for about 10 minutes and drink.

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    I had a hard time finding a bowel program that works well for me. Finally, I found that one to two doses of Miralax/day along with a stool softener usually works well. I use suppositories as needed.
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    How can we respond since such comments can't be proven?

    No one has recovered their bowel function to determine there ever to be long term side effects?

    derek---- "I have been told by my doctor that I should not plan to use senna tablets for my long term bowel program"

    rfbdorf---- "My wife has used Miralax for getting on to 4 years now; we've been told there are no long-term effects"

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    You are right! That Smooth Move works good. It has help me alot on my morning bowel.

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