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Thread: Does your able body friends know about

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    I'm an open book about it ... I do that on the reasoning that people need to know how horrible paralysis truly is. I insist if the general public was aware (and most don't), there'd be more movement on research funds.
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    at first i didnt tell none of my friends but then they went fishing and stuff with me now they know i cath not a big deal i just tell them to wait a sec i gotta piss or if they r in the van with me they just step out till im done..

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    only those who are close know. though now I have no friends in my new home. so only my roomie doctor and care cure friends know. I had some one bring me one of my catheters one night at a bar. it fell out of my pocket. It was an open mike that we did when we were Rockmamaoff. later that night a woman was hanging around me for a while. I don't drink more than one drink, so never have the problem some peeps get when they are drunk, of telling all, anyway after that when ever she saw me she wanted to tell me about how she had a rectal prolapse all the time. It seemed like a lot of folks wanted to tell me about their medical issues after that. I felt weird when I had to go pee because I noticed peeps looking at me as I came out of the ladies room. like six or eight people would be looking over as I left the ladies room. all like smiling and nodding. It takes me about 5 minutes, so don't have folks asking if I am OK or if I fell in. the trash is the issue. usually there isn't a trash can in the stall. it is usually somewhere near the sinks where the girls congregate. since I use sterile cath kits, I come out with a ziplock full of gloves and whatnot to throw away. I end up stuffing it in my purse. most of my guitar bags and cases have a couple straws and sterile cathing kits stashed in them.

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    You took my words lynnifer.

    I'm an open book. I don't cath but it stops up & I have to excuse myself.
    I just tell the the truth. I don't like the empathy on some of their faces.
    But sci stinks. No way to get around it.
    Maybe they'll be more careful than me, by not wanted to be me. kwim?

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    none of my friends know yet but I'm sure they will find out soon enough if I end up peeing on them or they find a cath in the washer/dryer because I usually keep them in my pocket.
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    All of the friends I hang out with on a regular basis know. My boyfriends parents are divorced..his mom is an RN so I'm sure she know, but I just "hide" it instead of saying oh I'm going in this room to pee be back soon. My boyfriend knows I don't like her knowing he thinks its no big deal, but he helps me be secretive haha. The same goes for when we go to his dads house, lol. I guess my boyfriends dad used to have to cath due to a medical reason a few years ago so I'm sure he'd understand, I just feel awkward about it with them.

    I mean really what can people expect...I have no feeling or movement down there how else do they think its going to come out?! I don't take much longer than an AB person & have gotten pretty good at doing it in awkward places.
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    Many advantages of cathing

    Anytime I have to excuse myself to go pee, I explain to whomever I am with that I have to stick a tube in my dong to empty my bladder. If anyone asks for more info, I just explain a few of the advantages of cathing over conventional peeing and there are many. If they want examples, I explain how wonderful it is to not have my hardware hanging in the cold water in the bottom of a toilet. Also, in the winter I can write my name in the snow and dot the I's and cross the Tee's. On a long car trip, I install a folly and just plug it into a tube that goes through the floor and dumps on the ground. I find that many people are highly envious.

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    I tell my friends straight up that I have to shove a long clear flexible straw like plastic thing in my weiner when I need to make peepee. I tell them how bad it sucks. And then I tell them to make sure they never receive a spinal cord injury.

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    Everybody knows. In my case for the following reasons:

    - You don't have to be ashamed of those things. "Those things" is you, and you are beautiful, no matter what. Everyone has flaws or physical handicaps.
    - You'll be more comfortable when something is wrong. When my condom catheter slips off i just yield "shit i'm peeing on myself!". My friends laugh, i laugh and threat them i'll piss on them. Or say things like "i was too lazy to go to the bathroom". People like and feel better if you have a good self confidence. And you too. You can also think it of a tool to know people better and know who you can trust.
    - You might get help eventually when in an emergency. I can help a friend when his girlfriend dumped him. He can help me when my legbag is about to explode and i can't get to an accessible bathroom.
    - Problems are as big as you make them to be. People will admire and respect you even more if you show no pitty about these things.
    - The way i see it, the more afraid we are of telling these things (obviously there are boundaries but we are all grown people) the more disabled you are making yourself. Don't turn those things into "a big thing".
    - etc

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    My friends know I'm "handling business"... and most-actually, now all of the girls know how to help out in a pinch. My closer guy friends have a rough idea, because I'll answer whatever they ask- after a few years, anyone would be curious... but they also are the first ones to build me a ramp, take my chair apart & throw it in the trunk, etc, so I could care less, you know? More casual friends? Not really.
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