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Thread: Does your able body friends know about

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    No. But one girl I dated asked what those 'tubes' were for. Didn't want her to think I was shooting drugs so I told her. lol.

    She was like 'meh' about it. Didn't seem to care at all. It's more of a person issue. I think it's private.

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    my friends all know about. hell most of them have had to dodge a flying piss jug every once and awhile ( it helps to show them who's still boss in our circle) haha . one time at the bar a complete stranger came up to me and asked if i cathed? i said ya, and he goes can you piss in my buddy's drink? well needless to say i did and i had a wicked uti and it smelled bad... but it was pretty funny to watch him take a big swig out of his beer though, never seen someones face go like that before haha

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    When I was first injured, I was in tongs for weeks, and I don't remember anyone explaining to me what was going on "down there". The first time I watched the procedure I flipped out. I remember that plain as day. For a long time my mom or gram took care of it for me, but the circle started widening as I got older and needed more help. Over the years I have added appliances that have made evacuation issues much easier, but I still feel nervous breaking in new help.

    I am rarely alone, so it isn't usually an issue, but the clerks in my office have had to step in a couple of times when I needed help, but it isn't anything that comes up in conversation much. I wish I had kept tabs over the years to see how many have asked the "Big Two" questions. How do you go to the bathroom?, and umm well, how, umm , well can you, umm well , does it still work down there? "

    Edited to add: Bob, remind me never to go drinking with you and your buddies.

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