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Thread: YOUR 2009 favorite movie?

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    The first hour of Avatar in IMAX 3D. Too bad the inept, stupid, disappointing, bullshit story told during the 2nd and 3rd hour ruined it.

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    the hangover, taken, the last house on the left, terminator salvation, the taking of pelham 123, a perfect getaway and im sure there a few more i might like i havent seen yet.
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    The Haunting in Connecticut, Obsessed, Taken, The Proposal, and The Ugly Truth.

    Guilty pleasure choice: Sorority Row. It's a slasher horror, but the acting and lines in it are brilliant! Worth a watch just to see young actresses throw lines at one another with finesse.

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    Avatar, Terminator Salvation, Star Trek, The Blind Side, Hurt Locker, & The Young Victoria.
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    The Stieg Larsson trilogy, I dont remember the English names on them.

    And Avatar in 3D.
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    Quote Originally Posted by woman from Europe View Post
    The Stieg Larsson trilogy, I dont remember the English names on them.

    And Avatar in 3D.
    • The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
    • The Girl who Played with Fire
    and (not yet released in the USA)
    • The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest
    They are making USA versions of these films too...I am not looking forward to how they ruin the films since I think the Swedish versions are perfect interpretations of the books already.


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    I was in Sweden two weeks ago and found out that the Swedes have made a tv show out of the films so now I am sitting here with 9 hours of it. It is exactly like the films only they have been putting more scenes inside so it is 2.5 hour more than the original three..
    The show is not released in Sweden yet only on Blue Ray.

    I think it is sad that the Americans are making new movies out of it. I can't understand why it is so bad with subtitles. I have seen it done before, even with famous French films, Three Men and a Baby, Birdcage, and the Norwegian, Under Water and something is lost on the way. And I am sure nobody can play Lisbeth Salander like Noomi Rapace
    TH 12, 43 years post

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    The dark knight, inglorious bastards, the hangover

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    terminator salvation

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