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Thread: Ice Sculptures

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    Ice Sculptures

    By request of another member, here are some pictures from an ice sculpture festival I attended earlier this year. The theme was the winter olympics and there were teams from all over the world showing off their art. It wasn't very access friendly for me due to the crowds and snow but we managed okay. The crowds grew as the day went on so we didn't stick around for the judging but most of the teams were almost finished their works when these pictures were taken. It was very interesting to see the tools they used. Everything from chainsaws to shop vacs to irons used for clothes. I didn't feel too safe the first time I saw someone whip out an iron plugged into an extension cord and press it into a block of ice. But happily nobody got electrocuted. The skies were overcast and it was a bit cold for me, both which were a bit of a bummer, but the scenery was beautiful, we enjoyed watching the sculptures being made, and the kids had fun skating on the lake, toboganning down the hills, and going for a horse pulled sleigh ride. It was a good day away from the city for everybody.

    Ice dancers
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    A member of a team from Russia hard at work

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    Couldn't ask for a nicer venue

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    Obligatory stop at the ice bar

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    Skating and hockey on the lake. You can see part of an ice castle in the middle of the rink in the lower right hand side of the picture.

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    The sleigh rides were very popular. I have to admit it made me very sad that I couldn't join in the fun of this.

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