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Thread: How can I work out my Lower Abs?

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    How can I work out my Lower Abs?

    I've been weight training for 6 months now and have gained quite a bit muscle in my upper body but my lower abs still have some flab. How can I increase the muscle there? Any good lower ab work outs? Thanks
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    Well as far as toneing them good old fashion crunches. If that isn't posable they have the electic pulse belts that will work them for you. As far as the flab you can tone abbs all you want, but till you drop the fat you will always have the flab. I use AAEFX Lean Fix Elite to help out cutting the flab. It is 100% Natural and works great.
    You can get them on at the lowest price.
    I'm a WNBF Pro Wheelchair Bodybuilder with national sponsors. Any questions feel free to ask.

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    There is no such muscle as the "lower abs". The rectus abdominis is one muscle that runs from the hips to the ribs. In other words, the whole "six-pack" is just one muscle. So you can't really isolate one part of it or another.

    Having fat deposits around the lower abdomen is not a result of the muscles being underdeveloped. That is simply where fat likes to live. Fat is lost pretty much equally from the whole body; it's not a matter of working a particular body-part to lose fat there. Fat loss is global, not local.

    To lose the fat, you just need to do cardio and eat less.

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    What are some examples of cardio that we could do? Does anyone have any suggestions?

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