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Thread: Ice Sculptures

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    very cool

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    Lake Louise's is spectacular

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    Beautiful stuff, OJ. Thanks for sharing!
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    Thanks OJ, I really enjoyed these photos.
    back in 1994/95 I went to First Night in Boston. They had ice carvings that were amazing. This was before the digital camera, lol. The theme that year was something like Aladin as the movie had just comeout. They had a beautiful East Indian palace, Aladdin and Jasmine, it was so very magical. My kids were about 10,8 and 2. We really enjoyed the sculptures and events. Lke you the crowds made it difficult with a stroller and a wheelchair.

    Now you have me wanting to go pull out the photos.
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    Great photos OJ!
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    I am glad everybody liked the pictures

    One final picture. A full shot of the ice dancers, which might have been my favorite.

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    Love the ice dancers, thank you. Must be the Canadian Ice Dancers winning the gold?
    Every day I wake up is a good one

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    Great pictures, OJ, thanks for sharing. I too favor the ice dancers, nice.

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    Couldn't ask for a nicer venue
    Maybe a heater? lol, a hardy breed up there.

    Oh, I like your new signature.

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    What spectacular scuptures! Thanks for posting them OJ. I am always amazed at ice sculpters willingness to make such gorgeous creations only to have them melt away, sometimes within a day or two. If I went to that much work it would have to be in bronze and last forever!

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